Stuck cord on my elec mower

joe_schmoJuly 15, 2007

Hi all-

Boy, I thought one of the advantages of an electric mower was the lack of mechanical problems, but I have a weird issue that no gas mower would ever have -- my extension cord is stuck. No amount of tugging or wiggling would loosen it from the mower's plug.

I finally dismantled the whole assembly to see what was going on. The "fat" prong came right out, but the "thin" prong is hopelessly stuck inside the extension cord. I always use the hook thing that keeps any pulling or twisting pressure off the plug, so there was no evidence of that. I did mow in very high heat for a number of hours. Would that have caused a problem? I use an outdoor extension cord rated for higher amps than my mower, but I do connect two cords to reach the far corners of my half-acre. Maybe that caused some kind of damage. I dunno. I'm as stuck as the cord is on an answer to this.

BTW, I realize this is not exactly an "organic" question, but as part of my smaller footprint on the world I use an electric mower along with non-synthetic lawn care. And if I posted this in the lawn mower forum I'd just get a lot of grief from the gas-users about my corded cutting methods. So here's hoping one of you guys has some input.

Joe S

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Since nobody has responded yet, I'm going to suggest that you try this on the Lawn Mower forum.

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