Cyrtopodium saint-legerianum

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)September 20, 2012

This is a rare terrestrial wildflower in this part of Brazil. It is becoming increasingly threatened as so much of its habitat, open grassland, has become farmland. I found a plant in a field a couple of years ago, but when I went back recently there was no sign of it, just a lot of tire marks and cow pats! This is a real shame, as in nature it is a sight to behold, with enormous, up to three foot (1m) long, cigar-shaped pseudobulbs, a bit like Catasetum, and a hundred or so of these glowing yellow-orange flowers. By the way if you'd like to know more about Brazilian wildflowers, which are among the most spectacular in the world, there is a site on flickr. We now have nearly 100 members.

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That was a beautiful flower. Too bad to loose the habitat. I have heard that you guys do have some protected areas. Our orchid society just had a person talk to us on oncidiums that she had been cataloging in some areas there.

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