Any experience with Green Guardian Organic weed killer?

organicnoobJuly 1, 2009

I ran across this product called Green Guardian 14-0-5 that claims to be a selective weed and feed for lawns which uses EPA exempt products.

Sounds like you need to use it 3 times for thirty days but it starts working within 24 hours. This pdf has some more info on the product. "Our weed controls work by overfeeding the weeds, which causes the cells to rupture within the plant. Other

ingredients within the product provide the capacity to trans locate the product into the roots and other parts of the plant not directly treated. Some weeds will die within hours or days, others will survive depending on how established they are. By the 3rd treatment approximately 80% of the weeds will be eliminated and 30 day interval follow-up services are recommended to further reduce weeds and maintain the turf."

One of the ingredients is citric acid which is used as a non-selective herbicide but I guess they are using it in smaller concentrations here.

Anybody have any experience with it and know if the claims are true?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I suspect if you used soapy water to wet the weeds and dusted potassium chloride on them, the weeds would die, too. Or you could dissolve potassium chloride in water and spray that. You can find potassium chloride next to table salt in the grocery. It only kills the topgrowth, like the Guardian stuff, so it has to be reapplied to kill the roots.

I don't think you can urea something to death. You can buy stronger fertilizer than that almost anywhere.

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I have accidently spilled a fairly large quantity of Blood Meal and seen the plants under that readily available Nitrogen source die, but this looks like a pretty expensive means of unwanted plant control. A much less expensive and much more effective means of unwanted plant control are your two hands.

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This is for lawns and claims to be selective so you can just spray your lawn to feed it and kill the weeds. It's the only product I ran across that claims to be an organic weed and feed. I haven't been able to find any place that sells it. The website doesn't look like it's been updated and calling the number went right into voicemail.

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