Vanda insignis

cjwatson(Z8 FL)September 8, 2009

I have come to the conclusion that this is my absolute favorite Vanda species (V. lamellata is 2nd). Not only is V. insignis cute and colorful, but it has the most adorable scoop-shaped lip (see 2nd photo). And, it has enough fragrance to do the whole house.

This is a first bloom on a still small plant from Malaysia. It is one of the medium-sized rather than monster-sized Vandas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanda insignis (2 photos)

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

That is a cutie! I must keep watch for a plant. Frangrance & a small plant to bloom...sounds perfect! Do you remember where you got it?

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

I got it from Dowery Orchids in 2007. Although not on his latest list, Dwayne may have one tucked away on a back bench. Ir's really a great plant.

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What a big lip!

The glossy thick substance of the floral parts remind me of Vanda merrillii. Lovely.

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Very nice indeed. Paphs. are my passion but I'm getting more and more vandas. I'm currently on vacation in Myrtle Beach and have been hitting all the Lowes in the area looking for bag orchids. Have picked up a dozen vanda bag orchids.

Bob in Albany, N.Y.

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Great Vanda! Love the cup shape of the lavendar lip contrasting with the rusty petals. Very cool.


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Yep, V. insignis is a really cute plant. One of the favourite species. I am starting to collect Vandaceae species too. In fact, just got V.luzonica over the weekend from the show.

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