Gardening Week of April 23

gldno1April 23, 2007

Actually, I am counting yesterday.....Planted most of the strawberries, a new row of several kinds of lettuce and radishes, some herb plants from Dorothy's, and the whiskey barrel planter.

The wind was ferocious all day; hate it.

I also cut down a huge old barberry by the drive, I started to just prune out the old dead stuff, but it looked so bad I just cut it down. I think it will come back and I can keep it pruned to a decent height. Also had to take the chain saw to Honeycomb buddleia; it was like a tree. I did see new growth right at the ground level.

Moved a white buddleia out of the garden to another spot.

Wonder of wonders.....I have a few peaches on my two trees.

I thought the freeze got them all. Maybe there is hope for the orchards.

Everyone else please add to this thread for the week.

Sometimes it helps to hear what others are doing....a gentle reminder that helps or encourages us to get going. Sometimes I need that.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I haven't planted anything yet, but am discovering more and more 'good stuff' in my beds. The peonies buds are swelling, the Tiarella (foamflower)is covered with blooms, I have two white Trillium blooming in the wildflower bed along with the Toadshade trillium;wild blue phlox;and Iris cristata. I found a pleasant surprise while pruning back the damaged white Azalea. It has several blooms opening that were protected by the other the upper foliage.( I didn't think I would see blooms on it until next year ! )
My small Bald Cypress is growing new needles. I think there are still live pears on the big pear tree, and lots of berries on the Serviceberries.

On the down I the only one noticing a great lack of spring birds? Even many that were here before the 'great freeze' have left. At least the one male hummingbird is still here, and has been joined with another one.

And, oh yes, my honeysuckles are outstanding. The red one by the front door is literally covered with blooms, and the native yellow Lonicera flava's are in full bloom.I have three of them around our yard.

The Diablo Ninebark that I bought, and set out last year, was almost totally excavated by some varmint. I found it in time to replant it, and it is now putting out lots of new growth from below.

I mowed all of our yard last week, and it makes everything look so much prettier. If I don't look up at the trees, our yard is almost back to normal. I am thinking a good warm rain will bring back a lot of the leaves.

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I'm new to this forum, but I've been stealth reading for a while...lots of good information.

I just planted some herbs and a few veggies, two new clematis, dug in some vinca(boring, I know, but it does fabulously in my hot and dry full sun garden), turned the compost pile, and counted the buds on my peonies (just planted last blooms then, but they survived the freeze this year and are going strong!)I'm counting the days until my new Austin roses arrive...last year, Perdita was gorgeous. I'm looking forward to experimenting with some new ones, even if they are as finicky as their reputation says!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I took a look around my garden. My rose bushes are looking ok. I've got one minature yellow rose to plant out this week.

My daylilies are greening up and hostas are putting out more leaves and another painted fern has come up,so i've still got two. my asiatic and oriental lilies are looking pretty good. My slow growing peonies are looking good. I'm going to take my potplants out after the rains tomorrow. I'm worried about my two red buds. I still don't see any sign of green on them since they froze.

My false soloman's seal are coming up thick. This is the first year i did'nt rake the leaves away,i wonder if they'll do better just leaving the leaves there. I replanted my rosemary.

The wind has been blowing all week as it does most of the time here on the mtn.

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Almost did myself in yesterday.....

Planted the rest of the strawberries, another row of potatoes,and a row of various lettuces and radishes.

Marian, we had our first hummingbird a few days ago and I believe all the regulars, finchs (yellow and purple, Cardinals,White-crowned sparrows, one wren (so far), no blue birds yet that I have seen, and of course, the blasted grackles and cow birds. I fogot the woodpecker is around, red bellied one.

I did find some growth restarting on some clematis and one or two roses, trees are still looking sorry, a few bloom stalks on the iris and one bloom on my Japanese snowball bush.

It was windy here day before yesterday, but not so bad yesterday.

vickie, I dumped maybe two bags of ground leaves on the hosta bed where my solomon's seal is and just left them in place this spring. Sure glad I did....some hostas are just now coming through and were untouched by the freeze. I think the mulch delayed their coming up. I won't have to mulch for a couple of years though.

I took all the plants outside a few days ago to begin the hardening off process. Now, we get to move them under cover if the predicted bad storms hit.....always something here isn't it?

I won't be gardening much this week; my sis from Iowa and her DH are coming down for the rest of the week; my knees need the rest!

Sure enjoyed hearing what all you have been doing.

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It is a slow gardening week for me. I've been trimming back the damaged foliage and am generally encouraged by what I'm finding. On hostas I planted last fall, I had to go back practically to the ground to find the green but it is there. Some bushes like Caryopteris, and Russian Sage are at least alive. Just before the freeze I had moved two varigated weigelia and only one has a leaf or two on it. That is a big disappointment for me. I notice the Walnut trees are finally leafing out again. I wonder if there will be a walnut crop this year.

Last week we had our yard graded on both sides of our house. What with bad gutters and just natural erosion over the years, the ground was slanted toward the house. The fellow who came out with his back hoe did a masterful job. The slopes are going to be easier to mow and the water issue should be solved. We've never planted grass seed before so that is a learning experience. We got one side raked and planted. Keeping it damp is going to be tough. I tend to either drown it or not get it wet enough. We mixed some white clover in with the grass seed. We aren't lawn proud and just want some green stuff growing.

My four year old grandson was visiting me yesterday. He enjoys yard work. ;-/ I have to be careful what I do as he likes to do what I do. My garden work was limited to pulling around a garden cart of top soil and filling in places in the yard.

Today I plan to take my eleven amyrillis outside for the summer. I may have to bring them in a couple of times but I'm tired of having them in the house. I have some Rasberry wine bee balm that I bought at the Master Gardeners sale last weekend that I want to plant today.

You are right,Violet, I did mean to say Gaylord Moore in the other thread. Do any of you remember Gaylord Hauser? He was a health and wellness guru back when Jack LaLanne was younger. His name hadn't crossed my mind in years but I guess it was rattling around in there somewhere.

I had my first hummingbird at my feeder since the freeze, a sure sign of spring!

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Welcome MOGardenGal! Glad to have you join in. Is the stl for St. Louis? I'd love to have their botanical gardens close-by so I could check it out at different times of the year.

It does make me want to get more done to read everyone's progress. I have a lot I need to do. I have a bunch of seeds I need to plant and can't seem to find the time. A slow steady rain would be nice for that instead of the storms they're predicting. I still need to trim back damaged foliage too. You've inspired me Peace of Mind. I have a few hostas that look surprisingly good though, even some of the ones I left uncovered. They're starting over with new leaves.

I found a little leaf on my redbud Vickie and a couple on my Japanese Maple. My weigelas still look dead and some others. I'm still hopeful though. I'm not digging anything up yet.

I got brave and potted up about three dozen of my tiny heuchera seedlings yesterday. I think I could almost have used thimbles. lol I pricked them out and put them in three inch pots. They just weren't growing in the pan I started them in. I think I sowed them too thickly.

I saw another hummingbird yesterday and saw a wild turkey going across the back of our field. I only saw one so maybe she has found a place to nest back there. With all the ice storm damage there should be lots of cover for the babies.
Wonder if there will be a rabbit explosion since they'll have more cover too.

The rain has missed us so far and I had to water several things yesterday that I transplanted and planted. I've been to the Family Flowers in Republic a couple times. I bought some annuals for the hummingbirds and butterflies since there isn't much blooming in my yard at the moment.

I kept three Giant Swallowtail cocoons in my garage over the winter and one of them emerged yesterday. My youngest daughter likes insects and butterflies and I let her release it when she got home from school. Bet she'll have a butterfly garden someday.

Marian - I love my Diablo ninebark. Hope yours recovers. It grows pretty fast and looks healthy all summer. I actually have a couple since I pulled down a branch and it rooted pretty easily. I bought a Black Beauty sambucus too for the purple leaves and it has finally died. I think it wanted cooler summers. It looked so pretty in the catalog. boohoo

I don't remember Gaylord Hauser. Does that mean I'm too young or that I have lost my memory? I do remember Jack Lalanne. He still looks pretty good for 90+. I think I need one of those Power Juicers from his infomercials. That would be a good way to use veggies from the garden.

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kaye(7a AR)

I just came in to take a break from pruning back the roses. All the new growth was frozen but new growth is starting already on some. Clematis are blooming..not cold enough to stop them, I guess. The iris took a hit but are still having some go on to bloom. The peonies are fine, some of the hydrangeas we covered will bloom this year..but some won't. We emptied out the greenhouse this week, hopefully for the last time, and put the banana trees back in the ground. The brugs are coming up as are the gingers. Now, if the severe weather that is supposed to be here tonight isn't too bad, maybe things will return to fairly normal.

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My clematis are putting out some new growth after that freeze but still quite a ways from blooming.

I took a pic of our baby robins this morning. There's always a nest under our balcony on the beam. If we stand on top of the balcony, we can look through the cracks and see the babies up close. My daughter's been checking them almost every day. The eggs were laid before the freeze and I had wondered if the mama bird would be able to keep them warm enough. I think they were getting pretty close to leaving the nest. Here's a pic from this morning:

Heard a lot of crying and squawking this afternoon and found this: (sad)

I tried to scare it off and he didn't budge. I even tried to pull it out with a stick then decided that wasn't such a smart idea since I was standing underneath it and gave up and went in and got my camera. Shall I tell my daughter they flew away? sniff

Is it just a black rat snake? I'll try to post a close-up.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

welcome mogardengal,glad you posted. I love herbs too,though most have gone wild since we let our veggie garden go.
Christie, i'm so sorry about your robins. I hate snakes.
I think i saw a little green on one of my redbuds yesterday.
We had a rainy night last night and no electricity untill early this morning. High winds hit Clarksville in the valley,our nearest town. Some bldgings were slightly damaged,and trees fell on powerlines. Things seem to be back to normal today. We just got rain up here.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahh, Christie. I'm sorry about the baby robins. Bad Snake! It looks like a black snake to me.

Vickie, I am fond of the green snakes. :-)
I captured one a few years ago, and kept it in a terrarium for awhile, before turning it loose back where I'd found it. I had a little ground snake in with it.

Sorry to hear that bad weather went through Clarksville, but glad you were missed. We have only had rain and gusty winds so far.

When I used to drive to Little Rock I always went through Clarksville to get to the Freeway. It's a pretty drive from here to there.

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I saw a baby robin hopping around in the back yard yesterday so maybe at least one of them got away.

I saw a bird I've never seen before at my feeder yesterday. I had to look it up. It was a male Rose Breasted Grosbeak. I got some pictures of it but haven't downloaded them yet. The one below is just off the web.

Sure was nice to get some rain. I'd list all the stuff I've gotten done but I haven't done any gardening for a couple days.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sure though I had posted yesterday, but probably forgot to hit send.

First, those were great pics of the snake Christie and sorry about the babies; such is nature.

Welcome to mogardengal. I just planted some herbs in a pot in one of the perennial beds and have dill coming up (for pickles later on).

We have had wonderful rains over the past couple of days and no winds. Everything looks lush and green and more things are showing growth that got hit so severely by the last freeze.

We have been having spinach and asparagus daily. I have begun freezing some of the asparagus. My last lettuce is already coming up due the the rains it got the day after planting. This little cool snap helps too.

My sis and BIL were just down for a visit and we loaded her up with some plants she didn't have; polk, lychnis, poppies, and oenothera. She always brings me things from her garden.
We were also able to find a pretty good amount of polk for her to take home.....and that was just in the yard! Looks to be a good year for greens.

She brought me several Heritage raspberry starts, but it is still too wet to plant them. What a nice thing to be able to say....

Christie, did you put out any special feed to attract the Grosbeak? We saw Chipping Sparrows for the first time yesterday. I love having new birds visit. I just remarked that we had never had the grosbeaks here to my bil. We still haven't seen any bluebirds here.

Plan to spend the day resting up from the visit.

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There's sunflower and niger thistle seed in the feeder he's been going to. I've seen him a few times today too. It's a covered platform type feeder that swings. He hasn't been using my other feeders. I haven't seen a female yet but was hoping they're going to nest in my yard somewhere. I found a low nest in my blackhaw viburnum that I'm trying to watch so I can see who built it. No eggs in it yet.
My neighbor put up bluebird houses so I see bluebirds once in a while. I need to put up some birdhouses around my yard I guess.
My raspberries I planted last year have spread. I have a half dozen or so new sprouts coming up. I was worried about having them in afternoon shade but we lost the tree that shaded them so they can stay where they are. I got a few berries last year and they had the tiniest little ants on them I have ever seen. If the ants were bigger, they would've been easier to wash off. Hope they don't find them this year.

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