organic lawn care service in nj?

emmgusJuly 10, 2007

hi there everyone,

i'm not sure if any of you live in my area, but i'm curious to know if there is a service that would come and do the fertilizing/etc for me, at the right time, and using the corn gluten meal, milky spore and etc that we have been using. i'm just feeling overwhelmed with all the cutting/edging, watering, etc, not to mention the monster i have created with all the shrubs and perennials and containers, and keeping them all alive and healthy. i'm determined to keep it organic, even though my neighbors think i'm crazy. if there is someone out there that would come and do that part of it for me on the proper schedule i think it would be worth it. thanks for any advice!

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If you are in the Bergen County area, let me know. Three of my neighbors use a service, and I would be happy to get their information for you. Here is what I notice when I see their lawns:
1) One guy's lawn is perfect. It has consistently been green, looks very thick, and I haven't seen any weeds.
2) The second guy's lawn looks very green, is very thick, but has clover.
3) The third guy's lawn is green but has some rough spots, as well as a lot of clover. He has a dog, so I am not sure if that contributes to it.

I have no idea how many applications they are getting from the company, or what the applications consist of. Overall, I would be EXTREMELY happy with the one guy's lawn, while the other two have more clover than I would like.

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hi there, thanks for responding. we are in essex county, right next to bergen county, so maybe they service my area too? green and thick even with some clover works for me. right now our lawn is not looking that great, it's been so dry, and we have not been consistent or thorough enough with treating it. let me know what you find out - thanks!

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The company is called Lawn Alive. I just googled them and got this info:
Lawn Alive
Ridgewood, NJ 07450-0000
(201) 670-4859

Let me know what they say.

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hi there rutgers,

sorry for the long delay, but we were away, and then i played phone tag for a few days. i spoke to the woman at lawn alive, and they do service another property in my town. it seems that they use the same sorts of fertilizers and treatments as we do and many on this board. they are coming to measure my yard and give me an estimate and all the printed info. i'm very curious! i also spoke to my neighbor in the meantime who is organic and she has used a service in the past called "the organic dutchman". i'm planning to give them a call too.

anyway, thanks again for the info!

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Organic Dutchman is a BIG fraud! We hired him two years ago and now my lawn is full of dandelions and clover is threatening to take over. I emailed him and he pretended that he came and applied another round of fertilizer. I don't think any of these "organic" companies will revive your lawn, you need to do your own homework and start feeding the soil. Microbiology is not rocket science and it is absolutely fascinating. The book that will be my bible from now on is "Teaming with microbes". Also, good info on lawn care on

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Organic Dutchman, Lawn service is a good company, 100% organic, safe and effective. The service fees are affordable. Check them out on

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Organic Dutchman is the best. We have 11 friends and neighbors who are using Organic Dutchman for over 3 years. They all are very satisfied and happy with the results. Sure you have to have a little patience in the beginning, but that is worth it. I highly recommend them.

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Shovell11, you either lie or you ARE Organic Dutchman!
Organic Dutchman is a charlatan! He said it takes two years to see results, my lawn got worse in the first year and even worse on the second year. If I think about it, my husband was working from home last year, he never ONCE saw anybody applying ANYTHING to our lawn, the guy just drives by and plants the bill in the mail box. If you looked at my lawn now, the clover and crabgrass is taking over, I have so many dandelions that I don't think I will ever get rid of them plus a bunch of many different weeds that I don't even know.
So yeah, please don't get me started, just Google this guy and you will find similar complains, I am not the only one. He claimed that he did the best he could with the limited budget we gave him. If he knew that my lawn needed aeration and overseeding, why didn't he say anything? Because other than that, we did everything the tune of over $70 per application. He just plays the people on the cancer fear. And now he wants to be a public figure. If I ever find out what where he speaks, I will go out there and say a thing or two. I think Harmen figured out that people have started to place bad reviews about him and he is now posting good reviews, there were few bad reviews on pissed consumer website and all of a sudden, there's a positive review, posted yesterday! What a coincidence! Check out the wording on the posting above: "Sure you have to have a little patience in the beginning, but that is worth it." And here's what he says on the other website: "Organic Lawn care does take some patience, but it is worth it. "
So Harmen, cut the crap! You're a freaking THIEF, please admit it!

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