Sun, 5-8, Red Flag Fire Warning--Western 1/3 of State

Okiedawn OK Zone 7May 8, 2011

The NWS has issued a Red Flag Fire Warning for an area that covers approximately the western one-third of Oklahoma. Outside of Oklahoma, a very large portion of the adjacent region also has a Red Flag Fire Warning.

The Red Flag Fire Warning includes these risk factors:

High Temperatures: 98-106 degrees

Minimum Relative Humidity: 5 to 15%

Winds: SW 15-25 mph, gusting to 30 mph

Any fires which start today will have the potential to move quickly.

Report all smoke to your local authorities.

There was a very large wildfire in Dickens County in West Texas yesterday under similar conditions.

Expect another Red Flag Fire Warning tomorrow under similar conditions.

Temperatures will be very high in parts of the Red Flag Fire Warning and may set records. For firefighters, these are very dangerous conditions that raise their risk for heat-related illness.

Normally the "winter fire season" ends when significant green-up has occurred from spring rains. Since many parts of western Oklahoma have not had significant spring rain and green-up, the "winter fire season" is continuing on into spring.

Everyone please be careful today and be aware of what is happening around you. If fires develop in your area, be sure your NOAA All-Hazards Radio alert feature is on as it can be used to provide Fire Warnings and evacuation notices if necessary.


Here is a link that might be useful: Webpage of Norman Office of the NWS

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

This one has expired. A new one, in effect for Monday, is featured on its own thead.

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