Mole Crickets in St. Augi

vrtrinAugust 19, 2007

I believe I've got some Mole Crickets and white Grubs/beetles. I've seen 2 beetles over the last few months, and have seen a grub. Based on the grub tip, and looking at a beetle the other day, I think I've got the Chafer ones.

Now, I've resodded the St. Augustine back in April and I'm going the Organic route. I've fertilized with SBM twice already, and would like to keep using an insecticide that won't harm anything else (beneficial organisms and frogs).

My neighbor across the street resodded and he has gotten alot of patches that was shown to him being mole crickets, and I've seen mole crickets around, but have to do the soapy water to see how many i have.

The UFL manual and other resources say if I've just got a few, not to worry, and the spots that were hit (just a few spots) are coming back, and you can't realy tell much now.

So in light of all that, if I do have an amount of either item, more concerned of Mole Crickets now, what can I use?

I've got some Talstar concentrate, that ive seen some spots online saying its safe, and others ambivilant. I think the reason why my area hasn't gotten hit worse, is that I'm on a pond and we've got alot of frogs in theback (i can hear them now). Every time I mow, I see at least one or two trying to escape (they do), and weekly we get the sandhill cranes and other birds in the yard.

I know there is a beneicial nematode for the Cricket (Steinernema scapterisci) but haven't found it for sale online anywhere. I need to call the County Extension office to see if they know, but figured I'd ask here.

Also, for the cricket, I heard about MaxForce granules but I'm thinking those aren't organic and will hurt the good stuff.

So any suggestions as to what to do would be appreciated.

I amost forgot to mention, I ound a hydroponic site that sold mole cricket baits that had Carbaryl, but looking online, that isn't a vry good thing for me to use.

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i did find a brand of the nematode ( Nematac S) but can't find a place to sell it.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I would throw the organic book at the lawn.
1. Try to encourage birds to your yard by putting out bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses. Also you could apply cracked corn and/or alfalfa pellets to attract birds. Note that some of the cracked corn is not cracked but is only small enough to fit through the screen, so you'll get a few corn plants that mow off easily.
2. I would also spray these beneficial nematodes and see what happens. Water heavily after you apply.
3. Spray with liquid seaweed or milk every week or so. The purpose is to build up healthy grass plants that will resist pests better.

Note that my organic book is not very long. I shy away from commercial materials.

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