quack grass?

zubababy(6b Utah)August 27, 2007

i've been reading this forum for the last couple of weeks, and have decided that i want to go organic on my lawn.

i have a problem with what i think is quack grass. i've been able to get rid of most of the crab grass that we have. half of our yard is covered with this thicker grass that won't die off (from chemicals... before i started reading here).

we want to over seed this fall with KGB, i've changed the watering to longer and more infrequent. would over seeding help with the quack grass? or is it best to kill it off and start over from scratch?

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You have to kill off the quack grass first. Its very aggressive and will likely take over you lawn if not treated.

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any suggestions as to how to kill it without killing off the rest of my lawn?

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If only a small area of the lawn is affected, you could try to dig out the quackgrass; but all the rhizomes must be removed because rhizomes as small as 1/2 in. can produce new growth if left in the soil.

Frequent, close mowing can be an effective way to control quackgrass on lawns of bluegrass or fescue.

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