Lawn Renovation & Going Organic

eastpenna(6b)August 20, 2007

I am in the process of renovating my lawn, to the Mag3 KBG blend. I have also decided very recently that I want to switch to an organic lawn care program, but do have a question or two.

What I was thinking of doing, after core aeration is putting down some organic lawn fertilizer, then raking it in to the aeration holes.

Then since I had already purchased some synthetic starter fertilizer, was going to mix the seed with this and spread. Does this seem like it would be okay to do?

Then in about 4-6 weeks fertilize again. But with what? Orgainc? synthetic? I do want to switch over to all organic, but after all this work of renovating, want to make sure that the new lawn comes in as good as it can.

I have only been using synthetics for one year, and mulching the clippings for at least the past 10 years. I have just sent my soil sample in today, so I will not have the results back before seeding.

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IMO this is not a good start if you trying to go All Organic.

Why not use and Organic Starter Fertilizer like Alfalfa Pellets and Soybean Meal?

After you aerate apply both at 50lbs per 1000sqft 3 weeks before seeding and water in with 1/2" Continue to water every few days with 1/2" per zone unless rain is in the forecast. This will give the feed a chance to decompose and work its way into the soil.

To speed things further you could also lightly till in the feed or cover with compost or high quality topsoil.

Alfalfa Pellets are used to increase organic matter in the soil but do offer nutrients and a high availability of trace minerals. They contain trianconatol, a natural fatty-acid growth stimulant. (excellent for rooting) Typical NPK analysis 2-1-2

Soybean Meal has a high nitrogen content. Typical NPK analysis 7-2-1

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skoot cat, thanks for the response.

Basically two reasons, one is that I already have the starter fertilizer from before, it is very close to a full bag, second reason is that I am not sure where to get Alfalfa Pellets locally. The organic fertilizer that I did get is an 11-2-2.

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Can you get Alfalfa Meal?

Which grains can you get?

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Not sure on both questions. I went to one seed store when I was looking for the seed and was not impressed with what they had.

I have a Home Depot and a Lowes within 2 miles of my house, also a 2 garden shops.

I would like to use what I already have, and then progress from there for next year, as I find some places close by that handles more organics.

Going organic has been a very recent decision, and did not know if it made sense to apply the organic 11-2-2 fertilizer (to start feeding the soil) and the synthetic starter fertilizer (to get the new seedlings off to a good start)at the same time.

I do not plan on buying more S fertilizer, but would use what I already have.

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I'm not sure where in E PA you are, but Albright Mills in Kempton carries soybean meal, at least. They don't often have alfalfa.

In a pinch, visit any good bulk pet food store. The chinchilla or rabbit or other assorted vermin food is often alfalfa-based. You can use that as well--just make sure that the first ingredient on the list is alfalfa. The second and third are usually corn meal and soy in either order.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If you mix the synthetic starter fert with the seed you'll be wasting the fertilizer. Synthetic fertilizer only works when you have roots. You may as well wait to fertilize with synthetic until you have mowed the grass for the second time.

Do you have any neighbors you can give the starter fert away to?

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