This fall's gameplan, advice needed.

WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)August 4, 2009

Hi all,

This is my first full year of organic and things have gone fairly well. The grass actually never looked better at this point (aside from a disease that just hit it). Some weeds have come up, but that haven't been too bad of a problem.

Anyways, like last year, in early September I plan to fertilize with milorganite, Corn/bone meal, and over-seed. This worked wonders last year and the lawn came up great in the Spring. Overall, I want to get great seed this year from Lesco. I think I mainly have fescue and Perennial rye. Would getting a mix of KBG be a mistake? Should I just keep to one type and in your opinion, what would perform the best in my area (lower NY)? Any other steps I should take this fall?

Thanks for everything!

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WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)

I guess just to simplify, I have read a thread about the pros/cons of different types of grasses in my area and that is my main concern. But just to push this thread down, I will just get a mix and go at it.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I don't think KBG is ever a mistake. In fact I think fescue is a mistake, but that's me.

Look for seed with 0.00% Other Crop and 0.00% Weed. I don't know if Lesco carries that high quality of seed, but it is available. Otherwise you are simply seeding your lawn with weeds.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

...and if they come back and say, "but it's only 0.02% weeds," the problem with that is creeping bentgrass seeds are the size and weight of dust. 0.02% per pound could be hundreds of seeds.

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