Worm castings...tea or top dress?

rosesr4me(z9 FL_west)August 13, 2013

Just got a 28# bag of worm castings from my local Ace (9.95). To get the most from the castings, would it better to make a tea or lightly top dress my St. Augustine lawn? I have bare spots that seem to be compacted and have been getting weedy.

I also have alfalfa and ground corn (can't find corn gluten locally) that I will be putting down. I live in central west coast of Florida.

Thanks in advance!

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28 pounds of Worm Castings spread as "top dressing" will not go very far and a tea will be most effective if you have an active Soil Food Web which then makes the tea less needed.
While there has been found to be some N benefit spreading Corn Gluten Meal the expense does not make it a good soil food versus Alfalfa or ground corn.
What is your soil like?
How much organic matter is in that soil?
What kind of life is in that soil?
How well does that soil drain?
What does that soil smell like?
What is the pH of that soil?
Any soil that appears to be compacted, or is compacted, lacks adequate levels of organic matter.

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rosesr4me(z9 FL_west)

Thank you Kimmsr for responding. I have not done a soil test nor the jar test you frequently recommend. - that will be next. My soils are sandy with good drainage, and since I think have been doing organic for a number of years, I *think *my OM is good (worms).

I am glad to hear that ground corn is higher in N that corn gluten - though I mainly use it as a weed preventative. I thought the tea would be a "better bang for the buck", but I wanted to hear from the experts on the board. Thanks!

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