Pulling out CC

Julian125August 4, 2013

CC or Creeping Charlie.
I have been busy pulling this out for a week, usually twenty-thirty minutes a day. I'm making progress but should I be concerned that quite often as I pull it up it is able to also drag with it my St. Augustine (floratam), now the ST.A is not removed but often three or four of the smaller roots along the stolons are loosened.
Does anyone have any opinions on how bad this is for the floratam?


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How "bad" any weed is depends on how you view your landscape. There are those that cannot stand to have any "weed" growing in their lawn while others take a more laissez-faire attitude and keep "weeds" under control with the mower. Keep in mind that the lawns promoted by the major suppliers of lawn fertilizers are unhealthy monocultures that require large inputs of expensive pollutants. A few plants of things like Creeping Charlie are not all that harmful, although larger amounts may be unwanted even by someone with a fairly amiable attitude.

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I'm pulling it out because I do not want a very aggressive growing invasive overseas unwanted nuisance.
I'm quite happy with clover and most other indigenous species.
My question had nothing to do with your answer but thanks for that.

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For the most part, minor root disturbance like the kind you mentioned (a few minor ones per stolon) aren't going to be a major issue. The grass plant has plenty of other roots and it'll repair the ones that get damaged.

You can check that by observing the lawn--does the growth slow, the grass wilt or fade, or is there discoloration? If not, the issues aren't anything much to worry about!

Of course, any root disturbance requires repair so there's some energy used to fix the issue, but if it isn't causing visible issues I'd tend to ignore it.

The same thing happens when I dislodge things at the edge of the garden with my bluegrass. No harm done, and spreading doesn't even slow (which leads to having to eventually weed out the KBG as it tries to invade).

Moderate to major root disturbance would be an issue, but it doesn't sound like you have a problem with it. Since CC doesn't root very deeply or very wide, I wouldn't expect that issues will be extreme.

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