Native Eco-Lawn Mixes?

edlincoln(6A)August 8, 2014

I love the look of the old style lawns containing a mix of grass and clover.

I've seen lots of intriguing "eco lawns" and "no mow" lawns that contain flowers or require less mowing. The catch is, they all contain non-native species. I'm not a native purist, but I don't like covering an entire field with reseeding non-natives.

I've also seen native lawn seed mixes.

Does anyone no of anyone who combines the "native lawn" and the "eco-lawn' concepts? Are there good North American native substitutes for clover?

To be clear, this is for a 1 acre field. It's not a meadow, but it's not a manicured golf course either.

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To help with native plants we need to know where in the United States you are. Plants native to the prairies of the Midwest will not be the same as native plants in New England or Texas.

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Good point. New England, Zone 6. However, I figure anything native to North America would be closer to being native then typical grass seed.

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Yes, but a short grass prairie grass would rot there....too much water. So, I'll leave it to someone from a wetter part of the world to suggest ;)

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Have you talked with the horticulturist at your local office of your state universities Cooperative Extension Service? What I am able to find on line is of no use what so ever.

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There's a nice display of 'Lawn Alternatives' at The Garden in the Woods in Framingham Mass. They have an area planted in soft Juncus and another in Appalachian or Pennsylvania Sedge. Just saw it today and it gave me lots of ideas. Also see the following discussion in the New England Wildflower Society newsletter at the link below.

BTW I too like the old lawns with their mix of grass and clover, even though they aren't native.

Here is a link that might be useful: New England Wildflower Society

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