Organic Newbie - Need lots of advice

trentonpAugust 24, 2010

I recently purchased a new home with a completely bare yard. I have always loved St. Aug grass, so I went with grass plugs from lowes.

Fast-forward a bit

Lawn started off nicely - I have been watering infrequently and for about 1.5 hours per session - I had my soil level tested and added lime as needed - Applied some 16-4-8 back in June and again Aug 1st.

I have since developed areas that look very unhealthy, and I have determined it is gray leaf spot. After reading treatment options I am now really interested in trying cornmeal 20#/1000sq ft - and even considering going organic all together.

I live in South GA - Jesup, Ga - and am open to all advice. I would really appreciate a simple calendar schedule as far as what to use - how much to use - dates to use. May mention that I do better with a straight shooter than someone that gives me options of what MAY be best, simply because I have trouble deciding :)

Thanks :]

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dogwind(Z8a TX)

If you have patience, use organics only. It's better for the soil, and overall it works better, for less money, and less water. That's an insurmountable benefit in my book.
I usually tell people with lower PH soil not to use lime, but to add compost and organic matter to help neutralize the soil. In addition, the OM will help to loosen and aerate the clay. This is what you want. To get all the info you need to know and more, google for 'organic lawn care FAQ' . The first link should be it.

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