Blooming today 4/8/10

swmogardens(6)April 8, 2010

Korean spice viburnum has a wonderful strong scent each spring.

SWMOgardens "Tip of the day"

Plant Korean spice viburnum near a window you open in the spring. One shrub will scent the whole room. When you buy one, make sure it is Korean spice. I bought two others that were mislabeled. To me KSV has the best scent.

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This is Aurora and I think is a Korean Spice cross. It's fragrant but has been a very slow grower for me:

This is the most fragrant thing in my yard right now, a purple leaf sandcherry. I have other sandcherries but this one always blooms the heaviest and is the most fragrant. It wafts quite a distance on a breezy day.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Christie you have inspired me. I have an abused sand cherry that was on sale last year. I haven't planted yet but I am going to right now. I love fragrant viburnum; mine is just beginning to bloom. That will be my next good smell. Now the most pleasant smell is from clove or buffalo currant.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Does your sand cherry need care like a fruit tree (spraying)? How does the foliage hold up in summer?

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I don't spray sandcherry at all. It gets completely defoliated for a little while in summer but the leaves grow back quickly. It's happened every summer for years and it hasn't killed it yet. I'll try to notice this summer how long it's leafless, a week at the most I think. I could smell it from more than 50 feet away when I was outside today.

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