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gldno1April 3, 2009

This morning, I couldn't post a follow-up on the April Journal, instead there was a block of ads!

Just wanted to say we were down to 31° this morning with a very heavy frost on everything........looks really bad for Sunday night!

Helen, how bad was it for you down 'south'?

Or any others south of I-44?

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Same thing with the ads here.
We had 37 this morning--but theres a freeze warning for us from Sunday night on-for several nights.
Not sue what it will do to the fruit crop-I CAN cover the blueberries-but thats about all.
I dont have too much in the vegetable line out yet that freeze will freeze and hurt--potatoes arent up yet.
Good luck to everyone.

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I checked a few of the other forums and the reply feature wan't working there either. Glad they got it fixed.

Looks like Sunday AND Monday night are going to be cold. It's only April 3rd so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Right now the NOAA forecast says 26 for Sunday night and 23 for Monday night for the Springfield area. I will definitely cover my hydrangeas. I don't think they'll bloom if the spring foliage gets bitten back.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could go just one year without having to cover stuff? : (

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I would love it if we could go one year without covering anything! I'm almost worried I didn't cover anything last night, I hope when I get home everything made it...especially my Annabelle Hydrangeas. I'm north of 44.

I want it to stay warm!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I had things covered all winter. Lately I have pulled some leaves off. Plants were trying to shoot out under the mulch and they had yellow leaves. Now I guess I need to pile the leaves back on. My hostas got frozen; they do every year. Now I will have to cut the tops off or they rot down to the crown. I also put out one black and blue salvia that had been inside all winter, I forgot to cover it. I have two more if that one doesn't shoot back up.

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Well now they're saying 21 for Monday night here. How depressing. My flowers on my dogwood are just starting to open but not white yet so I'm afraid the freeze will ruin them.

I had a pot of Black and Blue in my garage that had some new growth on it. I set it out on my patio and the new growth is gone now. Hope it didn't kill it. I guess I should've waited but my garage gets pretty warm when it's sunny. My B&B that's in the ground hasn't emerged yet.

My hydranges are finally getting big enough to put on a good show and I was really looking forward to seeing them bloom. : (

Annabelle blooms on new growth so it's a little more tolerant of late frosts than big leaf hydrangeas, however, in 2007 when we had such a late freeze, I don't think mine bloomed. Hope covering them will help.

Bliss - Welcome to Gardenweb! Always glad to see new members.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

I'm a day early, but I just finished covering the blueberries and strawberries, horseradish and rhubarb.Last ones would probably be fine, but why take a chance.
My 2 Magnolias are "almost" small enough to be covered by big trash cans, so thats what I'll do there.
Heres hoping it isnt hard enough to kill all the new trees from last year that are budding out so pretty. After few years ago, it worries me.
Welcome, to each and every new poster.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

I'm only a couple miles south of 44, so I don't suppose it matters much. I've got a Sum & Substance hosta I just got in the ground today that I'll cover. Everything else is still in pots in a group on the deck, so I'll cover them as a group.

Bah humbug. I enjoyed my daffodils for about a day only to have them get either frozen or rained on several times. They've been all droopy since. I'm planting later blooming varieties this fall.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

We'll get through it. We have to keep our eyes on the fact that Mother Nature moves towards summer now and if there are a few cold spots, we can cover our favorites and hope for a better day. We'll all be moaning about the heat soon. I can't wait to moan!!!


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Glad to see all the new posters here.

We got rain last night...don't know how much yet. I guess I should try to toss the straw back over the strawberries. I took all the potted things inside last night.

Straw probably won't help much at 20°.

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Yesterday when I looked at NOAA's forecast, it said 18 for Monday night, now it says 23. I'm glad to see them moving it in the other direction.
I covered my hydrangeas and mums and left everything else alone. If I'd had time and enough blankets, I would've covered more.

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i am fairly new to gardening and was wondering about some of my plants. The weather is supposed to be 28 tonight and 38 tomorrow does anybody know if i need to cover hostas, hydrangeas, daylilies and asiatic lillies. I also have some freesia and cannas that i think are starting to come up but I'm not positive

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It was only 32 here early this a.m. at the house. I have a feeling it will be cooler tomorrow a.m.
zrw4653, I have hosta & cannas. I would cover both of these plants if you have any new growth or if you have removed the mulch already from last winter.
The other plants I do not grow so I will let someone else advise on them.
Welcome and good luck.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Here is a journal from April 10, 2007:
Freeze to 19 degrees last weekend
Plants that were not harmed: burning bush, tall phlox, rose, one honeysuckle (goldflame maybe), clove current.

Foliage damaged badly:
Lilies, day lily, hosta, bleeding heart, sweet shrub, Japanese maple, some clematis, Russian sage, hydrangea, bush honeysuckle, climbing Japanese honeysuckle, most daylilies.

foliage OK flowers ruined: creeping phlox

I have covered everything I can, but there is no way I can cover it all. I remember in this freeze that I lost some Japanese maples that did not recover.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have covered hostas before and still had them freeze. If you have plants in pots that you can move bring them in or put them close to your house and cover well. It may not get down to low twenties; if it does covering may not work. Dormant plants are tougher than those that have started growing and sprouting. That foliage is very tender.

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thanks for the help. I failed to mention that the hostas are almost full grown along with the daylilies and the asiatic lilies are about 6 inches tall. the canna and freesia are just coming up and the hydrangea is starting to get new growth on it

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

zrw4653, let's just hope this is the LAST time for covering things up!! I didn't cover my Stargazer lillies or the daylillies, but covered up all the hosta I could. If I were you, I'd put something over the canna and freesia.

In early spring I collect a lot of smaller cardboard boxes from Wal-Mart. Yesterday I put quite a few boxes together and put them over my larger plants with a brick on top for wind. I also used buckets, trash cans, a huge plastic bag which held potting soil (just fits my climbing rose), and several cotton flat sheets. It's a funny-looking landscape out there!

BTW, I have leaves and a box over the skeleton of my 2008 black and blue salvia, because I swear I can see new growth under there! yea!


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Welcome zrw! I covered my hydrangeas. They won't bloom very well if a late freeze gets them but it won't kill them completely. I usually cover my hostas but didn't this time. It was windy when I was out covering stuff Sunday evening and I gave up. I didn't want to go look for rocks to hold down the blankets. And my dog uncovered one of my hydranges that I had just covered. She's so helpful.

I looked for growth coming from my salvia Black and Blue but there wasn't any yet. I have straw over mine. I think there's still a chance that it's alive. I found one little sprout coming up from my regular salvia guaranitica last week but the frost bit it back again.

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It was 25° here a couple of minutes ago!

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Thank you all for the welcome! Well, I walked around this morning real fast before leaving for work and everything looks like it survived! My forsynthia (sp) even looked OK, and that's what took it worse in 07.

I still have everything covered, I'm going to leave it that way until after tomorrow morning, what about you all?

When I was covering everything up Sunday night, I was thinking that I don't think I'll plant another thing, as I have officially ran out of old sheets, etc...LOL

My cats thought I was making them a big tent to play under as I was covering up my Hydrangias, and yes, my Annabelles did not bloom in 07 even though they're suppose to bloom on new wood, so I make sure to cover them.

I got plenty of exercise looking for big enough rocks to hold down the sheets, and I kept having to find them farther away...UGH!

I haven't uncovered my cannas at all this spring, and they are peeking through all the mulch toppled on them, but their tips froze last night.

I covered my hostas, daylillies, salvia, veronica's, hydragias and left uncovered all my ornamental grasses, forsynthia, bayberry, spirias, and all my junipers.

Now, I hope were done with this freezing weather, and I have my fingers crossed that they have the forecast wrong for Easter with heavy rain....sigh.

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