What are you planting now?

christie_sw_mo(Z6)April 16, 2007

I hope it's finally safe to start planting again. I have some seeds to direct sow like zinnias and cosmos and several others.

I bought a HUGE elephant ear bulb at Wal-Mart that I'm anxious to plant. It's nearly the size of a canteloupe. Did anyone else see those? I measured it. It was 19 inches around. I kept my potted Illustris elephant ears in the garage this winter and brought them out a month or so ago before that cold blast hit. There are a few leaves unfurled. I'm wanting to plant those out but need to get them used to being outside first.

Wish my winter sown seedlings would hurry up and grow so I could plant them out. They're still sooo tiny. At least I can stop carrying them back and forth between my house and patio now that our frosts are over. Our frosts ARE over right? lol

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Christie, of course the frosts are over(Knock on wood)

I've got some cosmos and 4:oclock seeds to plant. You think the ground is warm enough after the cold weather we've had?

Atwoods had lots of canna rhizomes that i sure was tempted to get but resisted temptation. I'm supposed to be cutting back not adding to.

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I wouldn't count on our frosts being over just yet......

I won't plant zinnias, marigolds, etc. until the ground warms more.

I found that my spinach has recovered and the sugar snap peas are fine. I mowed yesterday and that is about the extent of my gardening for now. I never feel really safe until about the 10th of May. Of course, seeds can go in before that, but not tender plants. I may try a few snap plants after they are hardened off.

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Spinach and peas are both cold weather vegetables and do tolerate frost. In fact the should be sweeter because of it. (report back on this!)

I'm supposed to be cutting back not adding to.
You wouldn't be a true gardener otherwise.

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Not planting anything yet , have trays of flowers and Veggies . in a flat on the enclosed porch . I am going to wait to see what survived before getting more shrubs ect . Gin

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I bought more hostas at WalMart yesterday, but haven't planted them yet. I have a few that were late emerging, so they are okay, but I am thinking the damaged ones won't amount to much this year.
I continue to be shocked at the appearance of almost all our trees. It looks worse than winter, with all the dead hanging down leaves!

Some of the flowerbeds are filling in with undamaged plants.

A friend said that she heard that this happens about every 100 years. Thank goodness! I will not ever see it again, if that is the case. :-) Nor will any of the rest of us.

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May not be the case with global warming and significant climatic variations....

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I spent a few hours yesterday morning in the garden. Pruned some roses and picked up yet more limbs and debris from around the elm tree at the end of the garden area.

I am sure I have lost several raspberry plants and a few of the newly-set strawberries. I plan to head over to Dorothy's Digs today and see what she has.

I need to plant more potatoes and sew some lettuce seed today. I think the spinach is going to recover and the sugar snap peas are up about 2 inches and look great.

I found a few perennials that were not affected by the freeze at all: Herbstonne rudbeckia, aster Purple Dome, and a few of the garden phloxes. The clems still are showing no signs of new growth.....got me worried.

Looks to be a beautiful day for gardening.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

planting stuff from the greenhouse too. mini lobata, grand pa ott's, ballade mix, buff beauty african daisy etc. also 5 roses.

no vegetables yet. maybe this weekend. weather has been great.

put out 4 bluebird houses and 2 had birds in less then 4 days. same with the hummer feeder. goldfinches all around and a crazy roadrunner.

" it's good to be king "


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oakleif(z6 AR)

William, i'm so-o-o-o jealous of your road runner. We had a pair when we lived in TX and i never grew tired of their antics. I went looking for them in the woods once and looked around a tree and one of them was looking around a tree at me. Please keep us up to date on his antics, we all need a good laugh once in awhile.

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I took a chance and planted all my petunias...they were gettting too big for their containers. I may chance a few Early Girl tomatoes today, I can cover them if frost threatens again.

Still need to plant the blueberries I bought and three grapevines. I also need to replant some strawberries; bought another 25 plants at Dorothy's ( she is continuing her sale of 10% off through this week ).

Then will pot up a couple of hanging baskets (I can move inside if needed). One will be ivy geraniums and one impatiens.

I may head back to the greenhouse today and pick up a rhubarb plant and some raspberries. She has a variety called Carolina that might be good for our area.

Busy day ahead!

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