Blooms - April 14th and weed id

christie_sw_mo(Z6)April 14, 2010

Dropmore Scarlet honeysuckle, some daffodils that are still blooming, creeping phlox, and a crabapple that I raised from seed.

Could this be something I planted or does it just look like a weed? It came up in such a neat little clump, I'm afraid to pull it out.

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Leave it for a while Christie. It looks a little like my feverfew leaf but not exactly; not like any weed I have ever seen. I finally have quit letting Queen Anne's lace looks so pretty in the beginning.

I have a few of the same daffs now and my honey suckle I see out the window has a bloom. I think it needs more sun.

The phlox is beautiful. I like the color.

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A little like feverfew but not exactly. Almost looks like flatleaf parsley--but not exactly. It doesn't look like any weed I know. Now that you've piqued our curiousity, I hope you'll leave it to bloom and post another pic.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Put it on the name that plant forum; they like puzzles. Beautiful big phlox bed. You have done a good job keeping weeds and grass out of it. I love that honeysuckle. Mine is goldflame and not blooming yet. Have you seen any hummingbirds on it? When you grow trees from seed or small plant you get attached to them. I have a sugar maple I pulled up from a lake bank. It was 4 inches and now it is a big tree.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Did you ever plant tansy? They had it at the plant sale at the park.

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I pinched the leaves and they have a little scent so maybe it is some kind of herb. It's not too far from the area where I cleaned out my seed box last year. I tossed a lot of old seed to see what would come up. I'll leave it for awhile and see what it does. I've never grown tansy.

No hummingbirds yet here and my honeysuckle doesn't have many blooms to attract them. It has lots of buds though.
The phlox does a pretty good job by itself keeping the weeds down. I have to pull a couple dandelions and a little henbit out of it every year but not too bad. I started that whole bed from cuttings that I rooted myself so I'm proud of it. : )

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I always have big pots of plants that I keep watered near the house. When I pull weeds in c phlox sometimes I pull the phlox by mistake. I stick those in a pot that I already have going and some of it grows.

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