Mulberry in the Ozarks

christie_sw_mo(Z6)April 6, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, UPS delivered a mulberry that I ordered. I'm still uncertain whether it was wise to get one. I ordered my Goumi from Burnt Ridge and I couldn't stand to order just one thing, so I added on the mulberry at the last minute. It's called Silk Hope and supposed to have large tasty berries of course. Seedless too.

I know they stain so I'll plant it at the corner of my yard to keep it away from the sidewalk and driveway. I've considered planting it along the edge of the field to get it even further away though. I just hate to spend that much money on it and then plant it back where it's difficult to keep it watered.

We had a wild mulberry before the ice storm but I don't think I ever even tried the berries. I can't look at them without thinking of purple bird poop. lol Hoping with a named variety I can develope a liking for them. If so, it should be an easy to grow, no-spray fruit I think.

Has anyone else tried a named variety? Do you like wild mulberries?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I like wild mulberries. They are sweet but don't have the sour component of other berries. I have a wild mulberry too close. It is old and has lost branches. It used to drop fruit which brought insects and I would step on the fruit and have purple on my shoes. I liked the tree anyway because the birds loved it and I feed birds. I don't know anything about the improved kind. Just put it where the fallen fruit will not cause a problem and yes you will have purple bird poop.

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