susanlynne48(OKC7a)May 12, 2012

I picked up a few more Herbs at Horn's yesterday (along with more Chicken Manure, Tomato Tone, Stump/Vine Killer, inoculant, etc.), and need opinions/advice on growing them.

Rosemary 'Barbeque'

German Chamomile


I had never seen this particular Rosemary at the nurseries before, and decided to try it. I lost the only Rosemary I ever grew a couple years ago. It is hardy to our zone 7. It is also noted that the stems are stiff enough you can use them as skewers on the grill - cool! Hence, the name 'Barbeque'. Does Rosemary like lean or rich soil? I know it is a lot like Lavender in that it likes a very, very sharp draining sweet soil, in lots of sun.

I have never grown German Chamomile before. I tried growing Roman, but we get much too hot for it here in Oklahoma, and it dies.....quickly. That was my experience, anyway. Does it like rich or poor soil, full sun, good drainage like most herbs. I think I saw it posted that it will reseed??

I have grown Patchouli before, but it has been so long ago. I love the scent of the foliage - takes me back to my "flower child" days........sigh..... It is a very tender perennial that can be grown as an annual here. Anybody know about its likes and dislikes? Can I grow it in potting mix in a container and bring it in over winter?

On all of these, I now see conflicting reports about rich soil and fertilizing herbs in my Internet searches, and I always thought most herbs liked infertile soil, and that feeding them achieves only lanky, poor growth. What do you think? If you fertilize, what do you use?

I also got my regular Basil - no reseeding this year, darn it. I have grown this successfully for several years, so don't have any questions about it. I did grow one last year in with a Tomato plant that got fertilized with Tomato Tone, and it didn't miss a beat, maybe grew a little better.

Appreciate all your help.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I have grown Rosemary in lean, sandy soil and in a highly enriched clay and it has done well in either. I think it is more aromatic when grown in the leaner soil. It also survives winter, if you're growing one of the cold-hardy types, better if in a leaner, more well-draining soil. At our house it tends to die over the winter in slower-draining clay, even in raised beds.

In my yard and garden, German chamomile grows everywhere. It seems to grow equally well in enriched clay in raised beds, in compacted clay pathways, in the bermuda grass lawn and in the gravel driveway. It reseeds all over and might be considered invasive. I just yank out the volunteers I don't want. I planted it once around 2000 and it has reseeded every year since then no matter what kind of weather year we've had. If it is picky about drainage, you sure cannot tell it here at our house.

I haven't grown patchouli---just the mention of it takes me back to the 1960s and 1970s. : )


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