Spring 2010

sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)April 10, 2010

Sounds like everyone is having a great spring so far. I bought a new camera which will take better close-ups. Here are some of my favorite things --

This is a peek into the greenhouse from above -- the amarylis was beautiful this year. Everything in there is ready to go outside soon.

I can see this quince from my kitchen window. It's an old shrub but huge and always full of bloom.

This row of daffodils was planted in the 70's if you can believe it. Between the daffs are hybrid tea roses and florabunda roses. On the other side of the retaining wall below are crepe myrtles which I am thinning out and training to tree shape. There are also fairy roses in that bed.


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Lovely. You must have planted those daffs in really good soil for them to still be blooming so well.

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Things are looking very pretty. I want to plant more bulbs but when fall hits and I think about actually digging all those holes..........I don't. I am slowly getting my husband to help in the yard a little........maybe by fall...

Have you shown us a full picture from the outside of your greenhouse? If so, I can't remember it. Would you please do it again. I am always fascinated all greenhouses.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I like your ornament in the greenhouse that looks like stained glass - the blue circle. Those dafodills like where you put them. It is nice to have something dependable to come up and be showy every spring. I have no luck with roses. It looks like you have good air circulation and full sun.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Thank you. The daffs were planted by my parents, so I can't take any credit except that I let the foilage die naturally before removing (yes, it's ugly, but all cut up, it makes wonderful brown for compost bin) and when they start showing green in early springI throw a handful of 10-10-10 on them.
The stained glass I got at Hobby Lobby, Helen. It looks so bare in there in the summer that I have bought several stained glass pieces to hang so the colors will bounce in there. The glass panes are covered with Charlie's bubble wrap to keep cold out as well as heat, so there's no seeing what's inside from the outside. I have a photo of it taken several years ago that I will send, Glenda, when I can figure out how to get photos from the desktop to this laptop with a flash thing.
Another beautiful day! Sunshine and warm -- just what we waited for all winter.

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Sunny - I love the way your daffodils make a big sweeping curve.
What all do you have in that greenhouse? I'm jealous!

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Christie, sorry I dropped the ball on your question. I winter over all my patio plants (amaryllis, lemon tree, gardenias, hanging plants from screened porch, various types of hibiscus, cuttings of coleus, a 45 year-oid camilla, not to mention overwintering my daughter's favorites which just have to live for another summer, she says.) It's quite full about January, but we all get along, even though I'm grumbling a bit, trying to keep them looking as they should through the long, cold winter.

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I'd love to have a greenhouse. What a nice place to go in the winter. I think I'd want it attached to my house though. : )

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I think a sun room would be good for mental health in the winter. I would like to just sit in the sun and have a "few" plants.

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