A Very Sad and Sorry Survey!

gldno1April 10, 2007

I can't believe the damage. All flowering trees and shrubs are brown, all leaves on all trees are shriveled and hanging down; iriss are whitened and laying flat; row of cabbages gone; spinach mostly whitened on top of entire row; daylilies are (or most) are laying over and either white or dark green stage of frost damamge; most perennials are burned back to ground; all clematis are fried; roses burned back badly.

What did amazingly well was Siberian Iris, a few oriental poppies, and a lonely clump of delphiniums and I did have one large clump of irises on a south-facing ditch that was unaffected.

I guess I will be doing garden clean-up again in a few weeks.

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I surveyed the damage yesterday and was pretty disappointed. My crepe myrtles, chinese pistache, and several other shrubs are wilted or brown. I covered my annuals with pine straw, and all look fine, though a few perennials I did not cover look rather sorry. I hope they all come back. James

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kaye(7a AR)

It's bad here also. Very upsetting after the beautiful early start we had..but most will recover in time. The clean-up will take a while..

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Kaye, My roses all seem to have come through with flying colors. I hope yours did as well. James

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Yes.. Mine too!! I cannot able to cover all of my daylilies and others too. The roses are still sparkling in green leaves and several buds! I thought it is so strange??? I only covered the penoies because it has so many buds this year for me. It seems doing O.K.

Kaye, how is your roses??

I hope the frost will beginning over tonight, however I think..it will be finally over last frost this weekend?? I knew all of us have to be patient and it will grow pretty again soon!


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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Everything in my garden in Little Rock seems to have come through fine and dandy. I hope to do a hike in the Ouachitas this weekend to see how the woods have faired. My fear is the Christmas ferns have taken a beating. I'm so sorry to hear about everyone's losses. I can't remember a freeze this late since the mid to late 80's. I figure the trees and perennials will all leaf back out, but it looks like the fruits this year might be a total wash. The DemGaz today reported that it looks like the wine grape crop was pretty much wiped out, and probably not many peach fruits will survive. On the positive side, I figure Wallyworld and BigBox Depot will sell lots more mader and pepper plants.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Gld, I feel your pain....I am suffering also. I have so many once lovely trees, shrubs, and perennials that were 'fried'. The tulip trees ( Lirodendron tulifera) were almost in full leaf. They now have black 'rags' hanging down. The weigelas are toast. The Hostas...soggy rags. The Gingo's leaves were still very small, but are now fried. The same with the Maackii amur, and the Golden Rain trees. I am not sure yet about the Dawn Redwood which had new growth. I keep finding more that I didn't realize were zapped.....Lilies, Hydrangeas, Azaleas,Viburnums,Sedum,and on and on.
I went out yesterday and vented my anger on the limp hosta leaves, the sedum, and a weigela. I cut the hostas and sedum down to the ground, and pruned the weigela way back. Also most of the clematis got cut way back...along with all their blasted flower buds!

I consoled myseft today by taking more cuttings, from wintered over coleus, to root. At least I can plan on filling all the blank spots with coleus and sultana for summer's color.

I have never, in my 74 years of life, seen such spring freeze damage! I thought about throwing in the towel, but will 'regroup' and replace most of what does not survive. At least none of my loses are connected with my livelyhood, as it is with lots of folk. My sympathies go to them, and to all the rest of you that are sorrowing.


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My Yard is trashed ... roses, clematis , lilies , to many to mention :( wonder how fake plastic plants would do ? Gin

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i was afraid this would be the results. lost most of my sweet peas too!


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oakleif(z6 AR)

Everyone my empathy is with you. I lost a lot too
hostas,lilies, daylilies,sedum. My roses but one made it. a few daylilies, astilbe looks ok for now. and one lonely little painted fern that was heavily mulched looks ok.The creeping phlox is blooming away. It is a truely amazing plant. One of my weigalias made it,the other is cooked as is my rose of sharon. I think most of my iris is ok though i wonder if they'll bloom as the blooms on those i had blooming are gone.

paulin, I saw 2 people at wally world buying mater and pepper plants yesterday.I have such a hard time keeping my mouth shut sometimes.Wanted to tell them the plants did'nt look healthy. I also know last week all their plants got very dry.

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I think I will be planting lots of zinnias, marigolds and anything else I can find. Marian, like you, I can never remember everything getting destroyed like this.

You can't give up....but this sure makes you think about it.

This may be a blessing in disquise for the local greenhouses....I imagine everyone will be looking for new plants.

Yesterday was another sorry day, drizzly, windy and in the 40's. We did another pickup load of stuff out of the yard and then gave it up.

Still waiting for the warm up.

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kaye(7a AR)

Paul, I talked to a friend near Mena yesterday and she said they didn't get as cold as we did south of Ft. Smith. Our native ferns are fine here and the native wood poppies didn't miss a beat. However, this is the first time in my memory here that the privets took a hit.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

looks like we are going to have more up and down temps the next 5 days.
since we moved here the middle of last june, we have no planted perennials except a rose and grapevine and a few trees that were established here. rose did ok but the grape was fried. probably will plant about 4 roses today. they have been in the garage for 2 weeks in bags.
talked to the guy in the garden section of walmart [ flippin ] yesterday and they lost about 60% of their plants. i didn't realize it but bonnie's plant farm leaves plants there on consignment. what gets fried or not sold are trashed on site. seems to me that gives the store more of a reason not to take proper care of the merchandise.

william- trying to do it in yellville

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My Japanese Painted Ferns made me sad, they're just black. Most of my heuchera leaves are laying flat on the ground. Hostas of course are mushy and most of my sedum and iris. Some of the sedum and iris look fine though.
My sassafras has black leaves too.
I wonder if these will still bloom - all have dead leaves:
Oakleaf and Annabelle hydrangea
Variegated dogwood
Iris - Some of my iris don't look as bad as others

These already had buds and the leaves and buds are both dead so I'm guessing no flowers this year:
Viburnum Trilobum
Viburnum 'Shasta' and 'Onondaga'
Tulip tree

These had finished blooming but may not set seed/fruit: (birds may have trouble finding food this year)
Flowering dogwood
Red Elderberry
Mohawk and Aurora viburnum

I wonder if our oak trees will have acorns this year. !

Some good news - My Nannyberry and Blackhaw viburnum had buds but I think they might go ahead and bloom. They're not as wilted. My raspberries are only a little wilted- no buds yet. Garden phlox look great. Creeping phlox is wilted but still has some blooms. Candytuft has flowers and looks even better than my creeping phlox.

Lowe's had covered a lot of their plants with heavy black plastic when I was there but it got so cold, I wonder if it worked.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

On the plus side, I figure it killed all the little stinkin pear fruits. The birds won't be happy, but we might miss a year's worth of several thousand more stinkin pear trees getting planted.

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The thing that stood out to me was the condition of my plants varied a lot depending on how they were sited. Just the tiniest bit of protection from a daffodil leaf kept some things looking good. Just a bit of a slope to the south or west made a difference too. Iberis and creeping phlox seemed to do the best. The whole story is yet to be told. I can't believe what I'm seeing out my window this morning. Rain, sleet, snow, and who knows what is next. It is getting hard to keep my chin up. Anise

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Anise, don't give up yet. I think this will probably be the last of the real cold weather and we can treasure even more what we have left.

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Chin up Anise - I think EVERYTHING will leaf out again or nearly so. The ice storm and late freeze has probably weakened many trees and I hope we don't have a drought this summer to stress them even more. I may have a big water bill because I plan to help them through in late summer when it gets hot and dry.
Going to hit a few weeds with Round-Up today around the edges of my beds since it's sunny and not much wind. That freeze killed a lot of my weeds - I think it's the ones that usually get purple flowers in the spring. Not sure - they look like cooked cabbage now. I still have plenty of weeds left though. lol

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