How many times to shampoo lawn

michaell1999August 13, 2012


My 2 year old bermuda lawn in Atlanta had flood and drainage problems with the thunderstorms. Someone recommended baby shampoo so I applied the 3oz per 1000sq ft. waited for some rain then applied shampoo again. Two weeks later and the grass is starting to grow back, along with an explosion of spotted spurge. Not complaining too much about the spurge since the area was dormant bermuda and wouldn't come back no matter how much I watered.

After two applications of baby shampoo do I need to apply any more?


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Not unless you want to increase the depth of moisture penetration. You can check the ability of a screwdriver to penetrate the soil. How hard is it to push in. You may need a very long screwdriver.

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Adding shampoo, or any other type of soap, reduces the surface tgension of water and lets it pentrate deeper and faster then without, and is the only reason for doing that. If your soil is too compacted for water to penetrate without the addition of the soap (shampoo) then you need to check the level of organic matter (and increase it) in that soil so repeated use of that material is unnecessary.

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