shredded beet pulp

Sandy16August 19, 2012

My local feed store has 50# bags on clearance for $5.99. Just wondering if any of you have any thoughts on using this on the lawn. I'm guessing it won't have the punch of the rabbit feed I put down but my main goal right now is to slowly ammend my clay soil. Any thoughts?

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I found an answer to my beet pulp by asking my dog's vet. Beet pulp is glucose rich, high in fiber. So, good soil amendment, breaks down too slowly for topdressing.

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Nevermore44 - 6a

Looks like its around 8% protein... But that's a good cost.!!

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Beet pulp is what's left over after all the sugar is extracted, so it's not high in glucose unless molasses is added. Are you trying to use strictly organic products? Most beet pulp in this country is GMO and exported to China. I feed plain beet pulp without molasses to my insulin resistant horse because it's low in sugar. It's very high in fiber, high in calcium, low in phosphorus and magnesium.

Here is a link that might be useful: beet pulp analysis, with and without added molasses

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Pamshoes - at this point I'm trying to improve my rock hard clay soil. Fertilizing it via organic means is a bonus. My lawn is eating everything I've put down at a rapid pace and I want to keep adding until winter hits. Alfalfa and grains get expensive in large quantities. I saw the beet pulp and wondered if it would add some humus eventually. It's more about tilth improvement than nutrition at this stage.

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