Norwary King Maple

kadasuki(z6 NW AR)April 30, 2008

Hi all

I planted a beautiful purple maple I got from Walmart last year in my front yard. The tree forum guys said to get rid of it cause it will be too large for my yard and damage my foundations.

Is this true? I hate to dig out a 15 foot tall tree that's so pretty. AND what will I do with it if I do dig it up. I don't want to waste it.

Any advice/ideas?


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I would do a Google search on the tree and decide for yourself. I think one ne state has prohibited planting it because it has spread so much in the NE.

How close to the house did you plant it?

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kadasuki(z6 NW AR)

I found lots of negatives describing the tree, and it's planted 15 feet from house, was supposed to shade the west side.

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