rosaramaAugust 21, 2009


I posted about my brown organic lawn. I live in Apopka, (near Orlando), Florida. I have not needed to water since we have been in a rainy season since June.

Ahough I watered in Nematodes last fall, still the ehinch bugs attacked.

I have thrown everything at that lawn - soy meal, cornmeal, alfalfa, still it is theworst on my block or almost the worst.

I have begun to envy the neighbors who regularly have their lawns sprayed with chemicals.

Cornmeal helped with brown patch, but the bugs took over and it has been downhill all the way,

The cow nanure I use has been composted cow manure touted as "Organic cow manure compost" from HD,

Will someone please help me before I lose my Mind. The back lawn which looked so good a few months ago is now half dug up as I prepare it for new sod. The font looks like hell on a wet day with brown ashes.

Ay de mi!!!

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Have you had a good, reliable soil test done? What is your soils pH? How much organic matter is in your soil? How well does your soil drain? How well does that soil retain moisture?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm assuming you have St Augustine, is that correct?

If you've done all that and you're getting weekly water of at least an inch, then it is time for a soil test. I'm on another website where the regulars are recommending getting your soil tested at the University of Massachusetts (no matter where you live). They do a test on micronutrients that seems to really help.

Your cow manure compost should have been fine. I always worry when someone uses the word, manure. Compost is the operative word there. If is smells good, then it is good to use anywhere.

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