Southwest Missouri Master Gardener Plant Sale - Sat April 25, 200

Violet_Z6(6a)April 19, 2009

The annual Master Gardener Plant Sale in Greene County will start at 7:30 a.m. April 25, in a tent at the back of Nathanael Greene Park, 2400 S. Scenic Ave. in Springfield.

The Master Gardeners plant sale in Greene County annual attracts very large crowds. The sale will include shrubs, small trees, bulbs, perennials, annuals, grasses, ground covers, houseplants, garden related items and more.

âÂÂPeople in the Master Gardener program gather plants to sell from their own gardens and from the two city gardens that Master Gardeners maintain,â Christy Jenkins, organizer of the Master Gardener plant sale, said in a news release from the University of Missouri Extension office. âÂÂThe quality is excellent and the prices are real bargains.âÂÂ

Over the years, the plant sale "which begins at 7:30 a.m. and continues until the plants are sold out" has become very popular among area gardeners.

âÂÂWe advise people to arrive early if they want the best choices,â said Jenkins. âÂÂIâÂÂd really describe this event as a garage sale for plant lovers.âÂÂ

The fundraiser helps Master Gardeners enhance city gardens and continue the groupâÂÂs mission of providing gardening information to the public by providing free seminars, literature and help.

Last year, members in the Master Gardeners of Greene County chapter gave more than 12,000 hours in volunteer service.

For more information about the sale in Greene County, contact the sale coordinator Christy Jenkins at 759-2987.

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Who went to the plant sale?

I got there a little after 7 and had a lot of people ahead of me in line. There were still tons of plants to look through. I'm not sure it would help to get there earlier unless I could block the entrance after I got in until I had a chance to read all the plant tags. lol
I got a geranium Johnson's Blue, monarda 'Rasberry Wine' and a haworthia pearl plant. I need to read up on that last one. I assume it's a houseplant. I'll post a pic below from the web that looks similar. I wonder if it would be happier outside in the summer.

Violet - I guess it's a good thing that all the woodland phlox was gone when I got to the shade section. I came home and started cleaning out my old pre-icestorm shade bed and found quite a bit of woodland phlox growing down in the weeds. It just wasn't blooming there because it was being choked out. I dug up several little starts. It was hard to get the roots but I think they'll do ok if I pot them up for awhile.

Question Violet - When the Master Gardener's have their meetings to pot up plants before the sale, what do they use for potting soil? Is there a way to get that stuff in bulk or do they just use compost?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Happy you found more phlox. Was a good day to plant yesterday, may do some myself today!

They use half potting soil and half compost. They try to do it at least a month before the sale so the plants are established, and many also come from home gardens. The bottom line is that well over 98% of all the plants there have been growing outside in this area and are already acclimated to this region. So they tend to do much better than nursery plants. The sale is always the last Saturday in April and they try to price everything lower than any local garden center.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I was looking for prairie dock and I can't even find it in the garden this year. I loved that big weed; it would blend right in here. Christie what restrain you show. Whether I need something or not does not stop me one bit. I got there after ten and got several plants - lycoris, fringe tree, several big grasses, bluebells, catmint, J. anemone, joe pye, and inula helenium which I have no idea about but it is healthy. I would have bought more if I had know what the plants look like. Where I made my mistake was the daylilies. My friend wanted some for his daughter and I was not familiar with any of the names still there that late. I got a bunch and when I look them up, I can't find anything about them. They may be common ones that aren't pretty. Then I went to Whickman's and compared to the plant sale, they were too high for me to get enthused. On the way home I stopped at Alexandria's where I bought metal things since I already have too many plants. I was looking at my haul this morning and I am happy with all except the daylilies which I did not need at all.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I looked up Inula helenium elecampane and it looks like a big weed. Since I like big weeds, I'm not disappointed but I will put it in a wild place.

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If you wonder what the plants look like, just ask someone working the sale. If they don't know, they'll steer you to someone who does. You can tell them what you like and they can pull plants that coincide with what you're looking for.

The prairie dock is a Missouri Native. So if it is in the demonstration garden, it is most likely in the Native Missouri Bed Section. The bed in the southeast corner.

Any plant is a weed if it's a plant you don't want.

As for the daylilies, just call the Ozark Daylily organization. I'm sure someone would be happy to try to help you figure out what your named varieties look like. You're fortunate they're named at all, and you may be pleasantly surprised. They will likely be well worth your time to plant them to see what they do.

Ozark Daylily Club
President: Frieda Alexander
frieda.alexander @

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks I'll plant everything and be surprised. All June I go out in my nightgown before I brush my teeth to see what daylilies are open that day. It is good I don't live in town.

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The fringe tree was a nice find Helen. I don't remember seeing that but would've been tempted if I had. I'm trying not to plant more trees so my yard won't get too shady but there are still some I want anyway.

Violet - do you know what kind of potting soil they use with the compost? I've wondered if they can order a truckload cheaply like you would with compost. They're are so many plants at the sale, decent potting soil would be a big expense for them.

You didn't tell us what you got Violet. : )

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I assume it would be from Hummert. I know there were large white bags of top soil being used but not sure what brand.

I actually didn't get much this year at all. Some French shallots and a salvia. That's it! Pretty good for me. I'll have to find a place among the dandelions to plant them.


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Here you go Christie:

Let's hope the got a donation so more funds can go back into the gardens...

Sun Gro Metro-Mix 702
Suitable for bedding plants, stock plants, potted plants 4 inches and larger.

Formulated with Bark, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, horticultural grade Vermiculite, horticultural grade Perlite, starter nutrient charge, Dolomitic Limestone and our long-lasting wetting agent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sun Gro Metro-Mix 702

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Thanks! I wondered what they used.
It must be a ton of work to get ready for that sale. I'm glad there's so many people willing to donate their plants and time. What a great bunch!
I got my monarda in the ground between the rains we've been getting but still need to plant my Johnson's Blue geranium. I've been trying to pull weeds between the rains too and can't catch up.

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