Am I cheating??

WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)August 15, 2009

If next year, I put down weed killer fertilizer on my property line? My neighbors don't do much of anything and everything is creeping over!

Other than that, I just want to let you guys know that as a first year organic guy, without any weed killer this year, things are looking much better than I thought. There are a few weeds here and there, but not bad at all. I do some slight spot spraying but very little.

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Would applying a synthetic fertilizer and weed killer to your organic lawn be cheating? No, but then you would no longer be following an acceptable organic practice and would simply be one of the many "conventional" growers, not an organic gardener.

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WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)

I understand...I spray Daconil on my Tomatoes and it saved my behind this year. So I do and will always use some chemicals and have no problem doing so.

The grass, I went organic for the results. And the results have been good. And I like the long term notion of a lawn that should feed on natural proteins, etc and not need that garbage, which I really have not had great results with.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Are you watering only once a week and mowing at your mower's highest setting? Usually weeds cannot tolerate those conditions and will stop at the edge of your yard. There are some exceptions.

Another alternative to creep is to put in a concrete curb between you and the neighbor. I see this more and more frequently. It's about six inches across and six inches deep. Then you can use your edger to keep the two yards separate.

What does Daconil do? There is probably an organic alternative. We never use anything on tomatoes...except organic fertilizer and compost.

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WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)

Hi dchall,

I can't say I would go as far as to put that kind of edge down, only because my parents wouldn't really approve. Good idea though. I live in the NE, so I haven't had to water the lawn once this year. I cut high. Won't lie, it is not the highest, so I do get a few weeds here and there. I have a neighbor who does the highest and while his grass always looks matted down, there are no weeds at all. I cut at 3"

Here in the NE, we have had one of the worst tomato seasons on record (so they say) because diseased plants have been shipped out to our region, and of course the spring and summer weather was terrible up until 2-3 weeks ago. blight everywhere. Daconil seemed to have controlled it, for me at least. It is chlorothalinol

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

So Daconil is for disease? I had heard about the great tomato blight of 2009. I would have tried spraying with milk (first) and if that did not work, then liquid seaweed (either one diluted at 3 ounces per gallon). After that my fall back is to dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda per gallon and spray that.

I would have hit it with corn meal for a fertilizer along with alfalfa pellets. The corn meal would clear up any fungus living on the ground. Typically in a rainy season the fungi living on the ground will splash up onto the plants and cause problems in the canopy.

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I'm about ready to give up.My lawn is the worst on my block. I've thrown corn meal, soy bean meal, alfalfa, but I now have more brown spots than green. The chinch bugs got at it before I realized what was happening - or it could be sod web worms . In despair, I took soil samples to my local Ag. Extension and am awaiting the results. No doubt aBOUT it, I'll have to replace a good portion of my lawn
This is my second year of trying organic - the first was no better. I've amended with cow manure by the dozens of bags ful. What am I doing wrong?. I need encouragement and advice, please

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Rosarama, you should start a new topic to get more coverage. This is westchestergrower's question about weed killer. But to get you started on your new topic, be sure to cover the following in your post:

Where you live.
What kind of grass you have.
If shade might be an issue.
If your lawn might be surrounded by fences, buildings or shrubs that block the wind.
Whether you are watering 1 inch or more, one time per week.
Whether you are mowing at the mower's highest setting.
Anything else you have put on the lawn this year.

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WestchesterGrower(Lower NY)

Cow Manure...I hope composted, right? The ripe stuff will burn the lawn very quickly.

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