Things are Greening Up

gldno1April 19, 2013

I did my 'walk about' in the yard this morning and almost froze in the cold wind! We did get down to freezing.....bird bath had a film of ice on it. I won't know yet about the fruit trees.

My little seedling redbud is blooming,

I fear my older tree is about half dead. I may take it out.

The lilacs are acting strangely. I just have 1 or 2 blooms on my new bush and it was loaded last year. The Kim has more blooms but the older bushes may not have any! Curious......

Christie, did you ever replace your variegated Solomon's Seal. As you can see mine is about to take over this planter. I will be glad to share, just email me. It is crowding my spindly little hellebore. Maybe that is why is does so poorly!

The violets are blooming,

and the bleeding heart

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks for the pictures. It looks like spring has hit your yard. It is nice to just walk around in the morning this time of year even if it is cool.

Glenda that Solomon's Seal has big long spreading roots. I used to have one under the walnut tree that was taken out. Mine was spreading and I removed some of it - big roots. It probably is crowding your hellebore.

We have another cool night next week. I finally planted my deciduous azaleas this morning. They are hardy but they have buds and I didn't want the flowers to freeze. Who knows where they lived before Lowe's got them maybe somewhere south of here. One of them is already blooming big orange fragrant flowers.

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It couldn't have been me that was wanting to replace Variegated Solomon's Seal. I have lots. Mine is crowding a few hostas and I thnk I'd rather move the hostas and just let the Solomon's Seal take over. I love that stuff. It's very drought tolerant and it's at the edge of my yard where it's a hassle to water stuff. I need to move the hostas under my oak tree where it's easier to drag the hose.
It's so nice to see spring photos. Your redbud is beautiful Glenda. I have three that came up as volunteer seedlings in a load of mulch several years ago that are finally getting big enough to be pretty, and two Forest Pansy redbuds that are blooming too.
I said oh oh when I saw the photo of you Bleeding Hearts though because it made me realize that I haven't seen mine. I hope it didn't kick the bucket. I need to go out and check later.
Helen I was at Lowe's yesterday and they had some azaleas with big orange flowers that I spotted when I first walked into the garden area. Very showy! I wonder if it was the same one you bought. I didn't get one. Just looking. lol I feel like a kid in a toy store. They had Bloomerang Lilacs. I think I need one of those. They're supposed to rebloom in the fall, doubtfully very heavy but maybe enough to get a bouquet. I might ask for one for Mother's Day. I've been reading comments about it and not sure they would appreciate our hot summers.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I love those Exbury azaleas. Mine don't bloom until later so I think the ones at Lowes have been raised in the south. The four I bought this year were pretty root bound. They are healthy looking plants though. I can't grow the evergreen azaleas at all.

I would move the hostas too because I don't think you could get all the roots of the Solomon's Seal. I think it would keep coming up.

My Buffalo currant is blooming now and smells great. The fragrant viburnum is also blooming. I was going to take some pictures but I have so many weeds. I will always have weeds because there is just too much to do. I need to mow again and pot up some tomatoes into bigger pots since we are still having cold weather. I bought several fruit trees and like you after I bought them I have scratched my head about where to put them. Two a plums and I don't really expect them to live because of my past luck with fruit. Two are sour cherries. I don't have the North Star planted yet. The North Star is a problem because it is a small tree and I liked the one I had before. That makes me agonize over where I put it.

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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

I'm new to the Ozarks. We retired and bought a place at the Lake. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous, and so colorful and rich. Thanks for the pictures. Have a good season!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Welcome dowbright. Where did you move from? What kinds of plants do you like to grow? I have lots of containers because it is hard to dig holes here with my rocks and tree roots. It is a job to keep them watered in summer but maybe this year will be wetter and cooler. I tried worms once but didn't stick with it. I am sure the castings are good for your container plants.

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Welcome dowbright. Which lake? I hope you enjoy your retirement and get to garden to your heart's delight!

Helen, I guess we are lucky in our part of the Ozarks; I rarely have found the ground too rocky for digging or tilling. I could be that this is such an old farm (the other was too) that those rocks have already been removed from the homesteads.

Christie, I don't know where I got that idea......I do think that plant is taking over that tiny area. I will have to move the hellebore. I may also have to move the Jack Frost brunnera.
I don't think I could dig out all that Solomon's Seal.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Glenda if I or anyone removed all the rocks I would be in a deep hole. I really think where my vegetable garden is located is a dry creek bed. When it rains lots springs come up in my driveway.

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Glenda - I don't think it's possible to remove all the rocks. It seems more just work their way to the surface. I think whoever originally settled on your farm was smart and tested the ground with a shovel before they decided where to live. It sounds like you have good farmland. We have plenty of rocks but I won't complain since I've seen other properties within 10 minutes of me that are glades with limestone and prickly pears. At least there is soil between my rocks.
Is it rocky around the lake Dowbright? I suspect it's shady at least and that can be challenging. I love shade gardens though. Very peaceful and it's much more pleasant pulling weeds in the shade rather than in the sun when it's unbearably hot in the summer.
Helen maybe we need to trade off pulling weeds. I can't seem to get in the mood this year. I've pulled very few so far.

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