wanted: western pa plant swap june 10th, 2006

cbrandenburg(6)February 26, 2006

Ok here we go.

Western Pa Plant Swap Saturday June 10th, 3rd Swap

Where: Railroad Supervisors Club, Baden Pa.

Railroad Supervisors Club

Tevebaugh Hollow Road

Baden, PA 15005

You can access Tevebaugh Hollow Rd from either Route 65 in Baden or if your coming from Interstate 79 you can access Tebebaugh Hollow Rd from Conway Wallrose Road.

The supervisors club has no numbered address. But it's not hard to find. Just put in your address in a mapquest or other map program and put in Tevebaugh Hollow Road, Baden, PA 15005

On Route 65 before you get to northern lights there is an exxon gas station, turn left if your coming from Freedom direction, go up that hill follow that road out until you see Baden Economy Fire Department, Turn left, Tevebaugh Road is across from the fire station and it is paved most of the way to the club. The road to turn on where the club is a safe road, just a dirt road, people do live back that road. Cross the little bridge and go a little ways the club is on the left, you can't miss it. (these are directions from last year)

Date & Time: June 10th, 12:00 - ?, last year we were there until 4:00PM


1) ORGANIZED TRADING: tracking how many plants each person brings and letting them trade for that many plants (so it's not a "grab and run" affair)

2) OPEN TRADING: open trading (where you can just make whatever arrangements you want...this would be good for people who have seed starts and stuff that wouldn't necessarily be counted in on their trade plants)...this would also allow people who just drop in to participate

3) PRE-ARRANGED TRADES: where we'll use this forum to list things we plan to bring for trade and set up "special" pre-arranged trades that aren't part of the general open trading. (use your trade list and this forum - if you are planning to come to the plant swap and want others to look at your trade list and make offers to you, post a note here and let us know so we can look at your trade list - contact - if you want to trade something from someone else's list, contact them directly and make your plans, then, bring the plants you arrange to trade to the plant swap on June 10th).

Demo: If anyone would like to demonstrate anything used for gardening. Example Plant Tag (HINT HINT) Linda.

CHINESE AUCTION: chinese auction where people who want to participate bring a item and get to take part.

Coverd Dish Luncheon: I'll start a new post for so people can post what they would like to bring. HMMMM we had some wonderful dishes last year and great conversation.

If I'm forgetting something please let me know.


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Hi Cathy I would love one of your twisted pussy willow starts I will as soon as possible list plants on plants to trade list as soon as I can start it's really early yet I have wintersown 100s of different perennials I would love to pot some up to bring some really different things(seed junkie here)Keeping fingers crossed waiting to do the happy dance.

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heathrjoy(Z6 PA)

Thanks for doing and arranging all of this for us again Cathy! I would also like one of the Pussy Willows, if you still have them. They sound very interesting.

I will update my trade lists asap. Most of us prolly won't be able to have a complete plant trade list until closer to swap time...I know I won't. If all of my ws stuff takes I'll have lots to bring!! :) I'll let y'all know.

Thanks! Heather

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Great, I will pot up 3 so far, I'm going to get a picture of this pussy will and I'll email it to you.

Patty, 1000 different perennials sounds wonderful, they will do fine for you, I wintered sown seeds for 3 years and had tons of seeds germinate.

Heather, I'm with you, I need to make a list also.


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gillian_(z5 PA)

Put me down for a pussywillow, too, if you have some left. I won't have my trade list for a while either.
I did have a thought about those of us that WSed...maybe we could swap HOS clumps. I will try to post a list of what I have WSed soon.


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heathrjoy(Z6 PA)

Great idea, Gillian, on listing what we have wsed. This is my first year wsing. I'm a little nervous about having things come up. I am one zone lower than most of you, so I may be a bit behind you also. I think I have about 35 containers done so far, with more to go as I collect the containers. I'll get that list together also.\

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Gillian, I'll save you a pussy willow. I think listing the ws seeds is a good idea, I am also going to list the seeds that I am starting in the greenhouse. Here is what I'll be starting in a couple of weeks.

Zinnia Peppermint Stic
Zinnia Oklahoma Mix
Zinnia Giant Cactus
Snapdragon Night and Day
Petunia Park's All Double mix
Petunia Avalanche White
Petunia Pirouette Red
Petunia Avalanche Red
Lobelia Fountain White
Lobelia Fountain Blue
Coleus Giant Exhibitio
Coleus Carefree Mix

I also have seeds that I collected from last season

Double Clitoria White Vine
Morning Glories
Red Castor Bean
Yellow Impala Castor Bean

I'll go through my seed box and see what else is in there and post.


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Hi Cathy, I would love to trade you for some
Double Clitoria White Vine
Yellow Impala Castor Bean
I have just about anything you might be looking for if you don't have many I only need a few of each you can look at my list but I have just about everything in my private stock(seed junkie heard) LMK Patty

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Patty, just email me your snail mail address and I'll send you some. I will also start some in the greenhouse for you in case you have any trouble getting them going. Not really looking for any seeds right at the moment, I still have to go through my seed box.


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gillian_(z5 PA)

OK, Here is the list of what I have WSed so far. I'm counting on a good year with 100% germination! I will bring WS babies to the swap of the ones that I have more than a handful of sprouts. If you see something that you have particular interest in, let me know and I will put your name on them.

Winter Sow 2006
Anagallis  Pimpernel (blue)
Antirrhinum majus fordhook mix  Snapdragon
Antirrhinum majus large mix - Snapdragon
Aquilegia flabellata ÂBlue AngelÂ- Columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris ÂNora BarlowÂ- Columbine
Aruncus dioicus - Goats Beard
Centaurea cyanus "Jubilee Gem -dwarf Cornflower
Clarkia elegans
Clematis x jouiniana ÂMrs Robert BrydonÂ
Cleome serrulata ÂSoloÂ- Spider Flower dwarf
Collinsia heterophylla - Chinese Houses
Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise'
Coreopsis tinctoria  Golden Tickseed
Coreopsis tinctoria ÂMahogany MidgetÂ
Codonopsis pilosula  Bell Flower vine
Datura  Horn of Plenty (white)
Delphinium ÂConnecticut YankeesÂ
Delphinium dark blue
Delphinium ÂSummer ColorsÂ
Delphinium (annual) larkspur giant ÂBlue SpireÂ
Delphinium (annual) larkspur ÂImperialÂ
Digitalis ÂCamelot CreamÂ-Foxglove
Digitalis dwarf mix -Foxglove
Digitalis grandiflora yellow -Foxglove
Digitalis ÂPamÂs Choice -Fowglove
Digitalis ÂRustyÂ-Foxglove
Eschscholzia californica - California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica - California Poppy ÂApricot FlambeÂ
Eschscholzia californica - California Poppy ÂCarmine KingÂ
Eschscholzia californica - California Poppy ÂStrawberry FieldsÂ
Evening Primrose ÂPink PetticoatsÂ
Evening Primrose ÂSunset BlazeÂ
Gilia capitata  Queen AnneÂs Thimble
Godetia ÂSybil SherwoodÂ
Hunnemannia fumariifolia ÂSunlite  Mexican Tulip Poppy
Knautia ÂMacedoniaÂ
Lathyrus latifolius Âperennial sweet pea
Leontopodium Âedelweiss
Ligularia ÂThe RocketÂ
Linaria ÂNorthern LightsÂ
Linium blue  Flax
Linium scarlet  Flax
Lupine ÂLuluÂ
Lupine ÂRed FlameÂ
Lychnis (orange)
Mirabilis multiflora  Four OÂClocks mix
Nasturtium ÂJewel MixÂ
Nemophilla  Baby Blue Eyes
Nicotiana ÂDomino SugarÂ
Oxypetalum Caerulum  Blue Southern Star
Papaver orientalis ÂScarlet  Oriental Poppy
Papaver paeoniflorum pink- peony poppy
Papaver paeoniflorum ÂWhite CloudÂ
Papaver rhoeas ÂShirley Double Mix  Corn poppy
Papaver somniferim  Breadseed poppy ÂDanebrog LaceÂ
Persicaria orientalis-KMOTGG
Persicaria orientalis varigata- KMOTGG varigated
Phacelia ungulouata ÂCalifornia Bluebells ÂTropical SurfÂ
Phlox drummondi ÂCrème BruleeÂ
Phlox drummondi mix
Penstemon ÂHuskerÂs RedÂ
Platycodon ÂMiss TillyÂ
Platycodon purple splashed
Portulaca ÂSundial Mango  moss rose
Primrose mix
Salvia ÂBlue AngelÂ
Siberian Iris ÂCeasars BrotherÂ
Siberian Iris medium blue
Viola ÂAngel Tiger EyeÂ

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heathrjoy(Z6 PA)

Ok, here's my ws list. I'll keep you posted how they are doing. Nothing is sprouting yet.

Lavender Scabiosa
Columbine Mix - singles & doubles, blues, pinks, purples
Delphiniums - Dark purple, 6' tall
Daylily Mix - Happy Returns open pollinated
Tree Mallow - pink
Johnny Jump Ups
Lobelia, Crystal Palace
Hollyhock - yellow, single
Hosta - Unknown
Foxglove - Tall Pink Mix
Rose Mallow - pink, white mix
Zebrina Hollyhock/Malva
Clematis - Sweet Autumn
Clematis - pink, unknown
Torenia, Wishbone Flower - blue, pink, purple mix
Clarkia, Garland Flower - mix
Peony Poppy - Summer Fruits mix
Veronica Speedwell Goodness Grows
Dianthus - Imperial Double mix
Dianthus - Spring Beauty mix
Dianthus Ipswich Pinks
Maiden Pinks
Columbine - Dwarf Pink
Columbine - Dwarf Fan White (Flabellata Alba Nana)
#2 Hosta - Unknown
Columbine - Nora Barlow, deep purple
Five Spot

If any of these interest anyone let me know. I should be ws more and hopefully starting a few things inside as well. I also have some white rainlilies I just got in trade.

You can see my seed trade list here, but it's not been recently updated. Most of the things there I still have, even if they are just in my stash for myself.


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Wow, those are great lists. Gillian keep me in mind for a couple of your delphiniums and lupines. I'm going to do annuals and will get a list together as soon as I plant them and they germinate.


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Hi all! Just wanted to post to say that I am still around and still very excited about the swap!

I also have a TON of seeds that I am WSing right now. Way to many to list! Fingers crossed, if all goes well they will make a debut at the swap. My list right now is sparse. THese are things that I know I have for sure because I have so many of, for the most part. These things will probably come along to the swap also. Here is a few things I am WSing:

Phloxs, Hibiscus', Lupine Tutti Frutti, Astrantias, Delphiniums, Celosia, daturas, plenty o' nice Aquilegias, Lychnis', Malvas, Gaillardias.........heck, you name it and it is probably out there. Some of the Phloxs are up and a couple of Dianthus'.

How exciting! I'll put in a link to my trade page. I usually update pretty often so it will change with the weather! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: trade page

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I am going to post some of the wintersowed that are already up
armeria formosa
many varieties of hollyhocks
nemesia mello-snow princess
canterbury bells
scabious atro chile
gailardia -many varieties
dianthus sooty-siberian blue-red-russian skies-spotty
digatalis-monstosum-glittering prizes-silver fox-apricot-virdiflora
lingularia denta othello
rudbeckia herbstone
russel lupine
campanula lactiflora
nolana bluebird
silybum holy thistle
coropsis-toch of red-american dreams
english daisy
pink lavender
that is only so far
I'll bring as many varieties as I can. Patty

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ktd125(z6 WPA)

Good morning! I'm so excited that the swap will happen again this year. Cathy-thank you for your organization!! It seems that everyone has really multiplied their stuff from last year. Happy growing!! ~kristine

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fusty_overalls(z6 PA)

hi, all! i'm on my way home from baghdad...stopped in an internet cafe to kill some time while i'm in kuwait and...guess what i'm thinking about? my garden.

when i left pgh, it was snowy and cold. i imagine many of my spring plants will be up and starting by now...can't wait to get home and get my hands in the dirt. missed talking to you all.

i'm really looking forward to the plant swap. i'll have to go thru my inventory and update my lists in the next few weeks.

see ya all soon!


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Janette, have a safe trip home. Guess what, it's still snowing, LOL. We had a dusting this morning.


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Yoo Hoo where's everyone at the swap is only 2 months away
Cathy my russel lupine babies are up some with 2nd set of leaves rumor has it they bloom first year. Patty

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Wonderful Patty, most lupines do bloom the first year. I'm happy to here they are growing for you.

I sure hope people still want this swap to go on. Seems that there is not much interest this year.


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gillian_(z5 PA)

I am still planning to come. I think maybe people are waiting to see what they will have available to trade so they can post a trade list. I was just outside yesterday looking at what was coming up that I could pot up for the swap.
Please let me know what I can do to help you out Cathy. I would be happy to come down and spend a day getting stuff ready...I have some hostas I need top drop off to you anyway.


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I second Cathy anything I can do on my end to help LMK. Patty

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patshouseonahill(6 PGH)

DRATS! - the date of the swap is the same as my daughters high school graduation, so I can't make it (again!!). I would love some prearranged swaps, and Janette will be my proxy gal to make and pick up deliveries for me (Many THANK-YOU'S Janette - you're a doll!!). The following is also posted on my exchange page; please email me directly for a trade. In the meantime I will peruse what's already been posted and make inquiries myself. Happy Swapping! -Pat

AVAILABLE FOR 6/10 WESTERN PA PLANT SWAP - PREARRANGED TRADES ONLY. The following plants are first year seedlings from my greenhouse; most perennials were started jan/feb; most annuals in march. Most plants are from commercial seed (usually Burpee but ask if you want more info) unless otherwise noted. Many of the following are available in very limited quantities, but just ask:

- please inquire via email to arrange trade
- please check out my trade page to see what I already have before offering something for trade, or better yet, just give me a link to your trade page and I can pick?

Verbena "Mammoth Mix"
Lychnis vesuvius
Heliotrope 'Dwarf Marine'
Achillea 'Cerise Queen'
Miribilis 'Limelight'
Miribilis white (my harvest)
Ricinus 'Carmencita' (my harvest) - mammoth plant
Sunflower 'Del Sol Hybrid'
" 'starburst Blaze'
Sweet pea 'Jet Set Mixed Colors - Knee High'
Morning Glory Grandpa Ott
" 'Picotee Blue
" 'Minibar Rose' (my harvest - true to parent)
Cosmos 'Sensation Picotee'
cosmos 'Sonata Mix'
Cosmos 'Sensation white'
Zinnia 'candy cane mix'
" 'envy'
" 'Giant Flowered Mix'
" Giant Violet Queen'
Myosotis oblongata 'Blue Bird'
digitalis dwarf lavender (my harvest)
d. lutea perennial yellow foxglove (my harvest)
alcea (hollyhock) 'Peachy Keen cottage colors'
aquilegia (columbine) red/white (my harvest)
" blue/white (my harvest)
lupinus texanensis 'Texas Bluebonnet'
lupine 'The Chatelaine'
asclepias 'Red Butterfly'
Coreopsis 'early sunrise' (my harvest - true to parent)
lychnis coronaria 'Fire & Ice' (white, magenta available separately) - my harvest - true to parent
lavendula augustifolia 'True Lavender'
Sweet Basil
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Tomatoes: 4th of July, Early Harvest, Yellow Pear, Long Keeper
Early Jalapeno
Cantaloupe Sweet n Early
Zucchini: Ronde de Nice, cocozelle
cukes: Burpless Bush, Tendergreen Burpless
Eggplant: Bambino

Established plants I can pot up are as listed on my exchange page; also can provide cuttings (which I can pot up and begin rooting if requested depending on plant reqmts)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pat's Exchange Page

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sally(z5/6 PA)

Please count me in! I'm excited to see this swap -- I've been away from GW for a couple of years, but Baden is just up the road. I'll start putting together a list.


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roxannemoskal(Z6 PA)

Hi all!! I've been hoping for a swap in our area! Never been to one, but I can't wait.Just started planting so I don't know what I'll have, but I've been buying and trading for some really COOL seeds!A few different shades of blue japanese morning glories, pink queen anne's lace, red periennial baby's breath, night blooming jasmine, red yucca, etc, etc, etc. I'll post a list late May.

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Cathy, it looks like there are a lot of new people interested It is going to be a great swap. welcome to all of the new people I can,t wait to meet you and you will not be dissapointed! I can't wait to see all of the others of you from last and wait till you all meet Dawn(mgood4u) you'll all love her (hi Dawn I miss you and Janette my tulip poplar made it hooray)Patty

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Yep! Still interested! Been pretty busy and don't get on as much as I would like. Thanks for organizing everything Cathy! Looking forward to June 10th and seeing everyone there!
Thanks! ~ Suzi :)

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I will be attending this wonderful event! I was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to give up some sum and substance hostas... I haven't found any at the local nurserys and would love to have some! If you are looking for anything please let me know!

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gillian_(z5 PA)

I don't have any sum & substance hosta but I do have a few I was planning to bring for trade....


Abby 1
Feather Boa 1
Frances Williams 1
Patriot 1
Something Blue 1
Wide Brim 1

If you are interested in any of those I would gladly trade for another named hosta I don't have. I'll post the ones I am looking for but would be open to others that I just don't know I need yet!

Looking For/Want List
Cherry Berry
Emeralds and Rubies
Fire Island
PandoraÂs Box
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
Potomac Pride
Remember Me
Sea Gulf Stream
Silver Streak
Spilt Milk
Stained Glass
Sun Power
Sweet Tater Pie


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I'll check, I might have some sum and substance for trade, it's a wonderful hosta, gets very large.

Gillian, I have whirlwind on your want list, I'll bring one for you. Everything you brought me is growing so nice. I need to get my lists together, maybe this weekend. With all this rain everything is growing like crazy.


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hoehum(z6 PA)

Hi everyone! Life has gotten in the way of my hobbies but I'm still planning on going.

Cathy, I'll bring the name tags.

oh, can't forget the bells!

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Ok guys you have to help this rookie out I have never attended a function like this before...I am really hoping to make it seeing how I am due to have my baby June 15th

should I be bringing a door prize or something for the chinese auction?

Also I am going to have..
grape tomato plants
black eyed susan splits
different kinds of daylillies
whatever else I have that has not been planted or found a place in my yard

what I am looking for is of course sum and substance as listed above or any kind of hosta because I would like to start a hosta garden in my yard

I know that I do not have much to offer but the belly has kind of made it hard to bend over :-)

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Kathy we are having car problems don't expect to have them solved by the 10th of June I would love to come if anyone is going and is passing thru my way and is willing to pick me up I will limit my plants so I won't take up too much space I will give you a free plant for the ride something from your want list(I am sure I have something you want. I live on Troy Hill a neigborhood above the north side. LMK if anyone is game. Thanks Patty

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Patty so sorry to here that, I hope you can make it. I did another post on the Pa forum to see if there is enough interest this year, if not, maybe we can get together later in the season.


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barefoot_babe(z6 PA)

Hey Guys!
I have all my plants potted up and ready to go, but yesterday, I called the YMCA to sign my kids up for thier next group of swim lessons and guess what day the first class is? June 10th at 12:40. I am going to try to convince my hubby to take them alone, but since we have 2 kids in two different classes, he likes us both to be there to watch them. So what am I going to do with these plants now!!!!! Oh well, I may or may not be there, but if I miss it, I hope you all have fun!

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Hi there. Just wanted to update since I did post that I was interested way back when. My DH bought Dave Matthews concert tickets, which is on Sat. the 10th. For the $ of the tickets there is no way out....lol. I'm sure it will be fun but I really wanted to come to the swap----I would've been able to drive Patty as well. I hope you find a ride, Patty. I will keep an eye out for a post if you decide to reshedule for later. I would LOVE to be there. If it is still a go---Have a wonderful time all! I hope you all get some really great plants and meet wonderful people! Dawn

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ktd125(z6 WPA)

Hi guys!
I just wanted to tell everyone that I hope you all have a beautiful day on Saturday. We've had a trip out of town planned for months now and I can't seem to get out of it--I even have actual real plants this year!!! Oh well...next year for sure! Hope the day is great and you all have a great time!! Take care, ~Kristine

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Hi Cathy, I won't be able to make it tomorrow no ride but if you would like to do a garden visit we could swap some plants I'll save the lupine and you can see what you want when you come.Sorry I'm sure I can make it in fall e-mail me.Gillian you're welcome too.Dawn we have to set a visit up too. Everyone have fun. Patty

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gillian_(z5 PA)

I will give Cathy the plants I set aside for you (hope you don't mind Cathy!)....heuchera firefly and angel tiger eye viola. Would love to do a garden visit but just in case I don't make it down I want you to have the plants. Sorry you will miss the swap, that happened to me last Fall.


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I hope you all had fun it was a beautiful day I was thinking about all of you as I worked in my garden today I want all of the details how did it go? Patty

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Patty, I did get the plants from Gillian, some how we will get together or I'll mail them to you. But you will get your plants. We had a great time, check out the the post that linlily posted.


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