Soil test matter interpretation

minal(6)August 27, 2011

I just received my soil (Buffalo, NY) test results as below:

Phosphorus 26.2 ppm (medium)

Potassium 102.4 ppm (high)

Calcium 3858 ppm (v high)

Magnesium 276.4 ppm (v high)

pH 7.6

Organic matter 6.5%

CEC meg/100g 22.1

Nitrate-N 5.4 ppm

Na 74.1 ppm

Al 302.9 ppm

Zn 5.4 ppm

My question was regarding the organic matter of 6.5% is this low or high or ok? Also is it a problem that the calcium and magnesium are v high?

thanks a lot.

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That is about mid range. You want the level of organic matter in soil to be between 5 and 8 percent, even though most soil test labs will tell you that levels over 5 percent are high.
Your soil pH is a bit high, optimal for most all plants is in the 6.2 to 6.8 range where most all soil nutrients are most readily available to plants. However that is not terribly out of range and you Calcium and Magnesium are about in balance.

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Thanks for the reply. So I guess the organic matter is in the mid-range.
For now my lawn is doing good, especially in the areas where I added the alfa-alfa pellets.
For the other areas, I am still trying to remove the weeds, and the fiskars claw tool is helping a lot, except that it leaves big holes behind.
For the smaller lawn weeds I bought the soil mender 10% enhanced vinegar. So will be spraying that, also will try injecting the liq in the soil near the roots with a meat injector. One of the amazon reviewers had mentioned that.
Hopefully before snow starts I will be able to get the lawn in good shape.

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I'm curious what that CEC range is based on and whether those numbers are good or not. I understand Cation Exchange Capacity, just don't know if those numbers are good and I also wonder if they rise and fall with SOM or not...

I hope this is looked at as an enhancement to the OP, rather than a highjacking of the thread... :)

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