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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)April 12, 2008

With the freeze comming tomarrow, I need to know what plants I need to cover, (and how), in order to save.

My Naked Ladies froze last year, will a bed sheet be thick enough to save them, how about a trash bag? Will I need to cover my Forsynthia, new peach tree, roses, cannas all need to be covered?


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I just looked at for my area (Pomona, MO). They're saying overnight lows of 27 to 32 degrees for the next few nights. While that is below freezing, it isn't a hard freeze. I think a light covering overnight (sheets or cheese cloth should be fine) removed during the day should be OK. You want to protect the surface of the leaves from frost. If the ground were a little warmer and dryer I wouldn't even do that.

I gardened in Wisconsin all my life. I've had April blooms covered by snow that still survived.

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yes be sure to remove the cover in the day, as not to burn up plants. I get so upset when you go around and see people that have covered their plant for the cold and then don't remove it in the day. I think to my self wow all that wory, lol and then not to remove it.
Hope your plants all make it.
If they are close to house it helps some too.

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I never know what to cover.
In general, flower buds are more susceptible to frost than leaf buds I think and I don't have many flower buds yet.
Hostas - The leaves will be damaged by frost especially if the eyes are starting to unfurl but I don't think frost would actually kill the plant entirely.
Hydrangeas - I think I'll cover mine. I think a late frost can keep them from blooming.
Mums - Late frost is sometimes tough on those I've been told so I'll cover mine.
A little aronia that I grew from seed has flower buds for the first time and I was so anxious to see it bloom. Maybe I should cover that just in case.

What about new volunteer seedlings coming up?
Gld - You said your verbena bonariensis was coming up. Are you going to cover them or will they be ok. I should have some too.

Bonnie - I cooked some plants that way once and learned my lesson but some people have to go to work the next morning and it's still not warm enough to remove the covers when they leave. I learned not to use plastic when the next day is going to be sunny. : ( So don't use a trash bag unless you can uncover it the next day Diann.

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so true. My yard looks like a laundry house. bed sheets all over everything, as well as pillow Not such a pretty sight. oh well it gets the job done. I used a lot of large table cloths one time to cloths pin around a redbud one year. It was planted the fall before and then it had just started to get a few green buds to go with all those lovely purple buds. Have gotta say was one funny looking tree. yes, I try to not use plastic at al if I can keep from it. afraid I will get busy and forget to take it off.

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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)

Thank you everyone! I don't know the difference between a freeze and a hard freeze, but I'll watch the temp.'s. It looks like it will be Monday before it dips that low.
Thank you for your wonderful advice. I didn't know about removing the coverings during the day, eather.
Thank you. It's so wonderful to know we can get help when we need it.
My plants thank you!

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I have too much stuff to even think about covering it up. I will just have to take my chances.....I don't think any perennials will suffer too badly. I pinch lots of them back anyway. I do worry about the peonies and clematis, but will just have to wait and see.

It is 36° so far this morning....keeping my fingers crossed. What I am really worried about are my peaches and plums and pears! This would be their first year to fruit.

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It's snowing! When I checked the temp this morning it was 36 and I thought I should go out pretty soon and uncover everything but right now it looks like I have plenty of time to get that done. It's dropped a couple of degrees to 34 and I thought my dog had dandruff or something. It took me a minute to realize what it was. lol
I think Sunday night is supposed to be the coldest. Right now, they've raised the forecasted temps for Monday night back above freezing.

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