Where can one buy Humic acid ?

vkolte01August 1, 2007

I am working on creating a compost tea. I have read on this forum you can use humic acid to kill chlorine in city water. I tried to look for humic acid at HD and some other places but no luck. So where can ony buy this ?

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You can just skip that step if you let the water aerate for a couple hours (I do 3 hours to make sure).

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I was planning to do that for making the tea. But I was concerned about using city water for applying the tea. I was planning to use Hozan Brass Siphon tube as per Greenjean's post given below.

I prefer to use the Hozon Brass Siphon tube and about 1 cup of humic acid per gallon of tea. Then apply it through the garden hose. Much easier than filling and dragging a sprayer around, plus the garden hose cleans itself. No extra clean up required.
The Hozon dilutes the tea to 16:1 but that's okay because it's only a medium to transport the microbes to their new homes. It gives plenty of time to distribute microbes evenly across everything including soil drench and foliar applications. It also provides plenty of water for the microbes to swim to where they need to go. It takes about one hour per 5 gallons of tea depending on water pressure and volume.

The humic acid that I add to my brew before distribution is to neutralize the chlorine in my city water. If you're on a well, no worries, but if you're on city water you'll need to add the humic acid to change the chlorine to harmless chloride.

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Your concern is also mine! does using the city water to distribute the tea kill the microbes?? Can anyone help?

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I contacted Greenjeans and found out -

The best resource for humic acid
is simplici-tea.com. They have powdered concentrate humic acid and their
shipping is VERY reasonable even though they don't tell you how much until
after you've ordered. It took a few testimonials and a little courage for
me to bite the bullet and go ahead and order from them, but I assure you
their shipping rates are less than any other website shipping from the West

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

chlorine in city water dissipates fairly quickly when exposed to air or dirt... you probably don't need to "buy" humic acid to dechlorinate - simply aerate for awhile.

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greenjeans_il(zone5 IL)

Joe, you are correct. Chlorine will degas from the small droplets emitted from a sprinkler, but the application method described by vkolte01 would expose the ACT to the chlorinated water prior to it being allowed to degas. Humic acid is one of a couple of organic methods of complexing chlorine in water. Another method is using ascorbic acid (vitamin C) but the humic acid adds a host of other benefits to the soil.


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Check these guys out...they have liquid and dry humic acid available. Even have a product that adds soil microbes. Concentrations seem really good...16% on the liquid and something like 90% on the dry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Humic Acid

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Humic acid is a natural byproduct of the digestion of organic matter in soil. Spending money on something called Humic Acid is a waste of your money because it is not a substitute for adding organic matter to your soil from which the soil bacteria that digest that organic matter will produce. Adding something called humic acid to soils with insufficient levels of organic matter will not do much of anything, except cause you to spend money on something you do not need.

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outsidepride.com sells a one gallon container that treats 20-40k of lawn for under $13. it contains humic acid and some mychorrizae. 2 1/2 gal for about $25. That's a 4-5 yr supply for my yard. Check it out.

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we are planning to manufacture HUMIC ACID...trial has already taken place and we are under analysis of the product i think it is 80% humic acid solution lets see what the tests say...

is humic acid fertilizer used in tea plantation??


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The best way to get humic acid and mychorriza fungi in your soil is to get adequate amounts of organic matter into that soil instead of spending money on products that supposed are them. Adding these things to soils without adequate levels of organic matter will do little and adding them in soils with adequate levels of organic matter is a waste of moeny since they are already present.

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buy humic or fulvic acid on line....kelp4less or terivita dry powder form....last for years in powder form....makes lots of gallons.....this is one of the best things you can add to vegetable garden along with mycorrhiza.....if you have compost in your garden can grow upto 10 times more roots...the indian,,,don't forget minerals, volcanic rock dust...

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we americans need to wake up about this subject...humic acid, humus, humates in soil....check out video on youtube....humus-the essential ingredient by graeme sait......the indian

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From the link below, "Humic acid is one of the major components of humic substances which are dark brown and major constituents of soil organic matter humus that contributes to soil chemical and physical quality and are also precursors of some fossil fuels. They can also be found in peat, coal, many upland streams and ocean water."
Humic acid is a by product of organic matter, Pu7t adequate amounts of organic matter in the soil and you will get humic acid without spending money on something that might be coal dust.

Here is a link that might be useful: what is humic acid

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