Removing or neutralizing previously applied weed killer

PaulSzAugust 13, 2014

I could not find an answer to the following: a neighbor's landscaper applied some heavy duty weed killer on our round raised bed with azaleas (approx. 6' diameter) that is surrounded with rocks. I do not appreciate any weed-killing chemicals, can do it by hand without them. Are there known ways to flush out or neutralize a strong weed killer already in the ground and on the surrounding rocks? (don't have the name of the product he used, but it was strong: every living thing was gone within a week - not sure how the azaleas will do)

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Flushing will get rid of any residual of that poison by moving it through the soil and into the ground water. Of course that will end up there anyway but might be more diluted if allowed to follow the rain rather then a local flood. What happens depends on what the product was.

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