One handed gardening.

ceresone(missouri ozarks)April 1, 2007

I'm scheduled for surgery on my left hand wednesday, isnt this a terrible time of year? trying to get everything done--but will have majority of garden to put in after surgery.still have tomato cages to build, out of concrete reinforcing wire, that will be fun , one-handed. and several hundred tomatoes to up-pot, as well as peppers, and 7 kinds of herbs---and how do you wash one hand??? have to be extremely careful, dr says infection may cause me to loose my fingers. wish me luck--and if you hear frustrated screaming, its me......

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ceresone, could you tell us why the surgery? If not, I will certainly understand.

If you can use your hand at all after the surgery, ask the Dr. about using large nitrile or disposable exam type gloves to keep it clean. I did that when I had the thing removed from my left hand (I am left-handed). Also have hope; my Dad was one-armed and he gardened, built a room on their house, he could even peel a potato with one hand. We tended to forget he just had one arm.

I agree, it is a bad time for any disability.

Good luck and keep us posted about it and the recovery.

If I was closer I would love to help you. I can pot those babies pretty darned fast.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

No, I dont mind at all, might help someone else.
I was told for years by Dr.'s, the the knots on my hands were caused by arthritis.So, only after I thought I must have brohen my index finger, did I go to another Dr. Cant remember what he called it, but he did send me to a plastic surgeon in Springfield.
Seems its Dupuytrens disease, sometimes genetic, can follow uses of my hands, as I did for years in a shoe factory. It causes a growth to start that sends our "roots" elsewhere, as the "root" thats running up my finger, actually dislocating it.I actually have 2 in my palm, and 3 fingers are involved.Problem is, these growths are INSIDE the sheath with the tendons and blood supply. Thusly, the danger of losing fingers.
Scarey, Huh?--LOL-- I am more aprehensive as Wednesday comes closer.Luckily, they're starting with my left hand--and I am right-handed.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My DH had surgery for that same problem a few years ago. He has done okay, but occasionally thinks it is recurring. According to the info, it can recur.

I don't recall him losing the use of his hand for a very long time,( after the surgery), but since he was already retired at the time, it may not have bothered him that much.

I think differant doctors have differant operating procedures. My DH wasn't too pleased with his.

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Good Lord, ceresone, no wonder you are nervous. I have never even heard of it. Sounds like a strange thing for a plastic surgeon to do...., but then who would do it.

Good luck. I will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

good things happen to good people. i think you are there.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

ceresone,have been off line a couple days. My thoughts and prayers will be with you wednesday and after.
From what i know of you ,you'll do what you can and let the good Lord take care of the rest.

Do keep that hand clean an infection can set you back a lot. It might help to wash the other hand in a pail,bowl or some other container with dishwashing liquid in water, swish it around and keep a roll of paper towels to dry with one hand its hard to do but it works,or to set a fan near by to air dry.
Keep us updated as we'll be thinking of you.
(((HUGS ceresone)))

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Oh Ceresone! Hope all goes well with your surgery. I'd never heard of that either. (((Big Hug))) I suspect that you're tougher than your average person so you can get through this ok. God bless you and your surgeon. Keep your left hand out of the dirt like you should. You'll have to do a one-handed hunt and peck message on the computer to let us know how you're doing. Will understand if it's short but do let us know.

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Ceresone, here's another word of caution. Some years ago I had an accident, severely injuring my left hand. I was so very blessed by a fantastic hand surgeon and wonderful physical therapists. Recovery time (for the recovery I did get) was about a year. I was warned to be very careful not to try to do too many heavy things with just one hand. Turns out a fair number of folk in that situation end up hurting themselves, especially their right side, trying to compensate for the side which they cannot use. So, go easy.

I felt horrible when I couldn't use my left hand (and I wasn't allowed to even move a finger for a couple of weeks). But following the advice of the medical professionals actually ensured the fastest, most complete recovery. Now, over 3 years later, I'm doing everything I always used to do, with just minor inconvenience.

I'll be praying for you! May the Lord bring some good "gardening friends" your way, to help with some of those tasks!

Tahlequah, OK

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Ceresome, add my prayers and best wishes to the others. There is really no good time of year for a surgery like this so it is good you are getting it over with.

You might try something we did this spring. We were overwhelmed with yard work after the ice storm necessitated the removal of more than twenty trees and all the twigs and brush accompanying it. Before that, we'd had city sewer installed which tore up both side yards and the back yard. We had so much raking and rock picking to do that we called for a work day and asked friends and family to come help. I was surprised at how willing everyone was to work. We'd always done everything ourselves before. I fixed a big lunch and invited everyone to come work as long as they wanted. Some worked two hours and some worked six and we appreciated every minute. We still have plenty to do but it doesn't feel so overwhelming.
I can't speak for everyone but if you'd like some of your on line friends to come help you I bet I wouldn't be the only one to show up.

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I'll keep you in my prayers too and hope you'll be healed quickly. I had a carpal tunnel release done about 20 years ago and it healed pretty quickly. You'll be surprised at how you learn to compensate and how much you can do with one hand. I've never heard of what your problem is either and am sorry you have it.

Good luck and God bless,


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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

So many thanks, and hugs back, to all you wonderful people!!todays the big day, pretty aprehensive about surgery this year, especially after what happened to my sis--and then my brother. silly, I know, but with all the prayers going up, I just know it will be fine.
"see" you in awhile.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

ceresome, Just to let you know we're thinking of you and prayers still going up. Hope things are going ok.Take good care of your self.

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ceresone, hope you are feeling better by now. It has been too cold to work outside anyway....good time to be inside taking care of yourself.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i think in the old days this was called a " gangling cyst?"

hope you are doing well. the way i garden, i need 4 hands!


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I've been wondering how you're doing too Ceresone. Hope you managed to have a nice Easter anyway and are adapting to doing everything with one hand. Check in when you can.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

first of all, excuse no cap's--can't quite manage that--
went back for a check-up yesterday, plastic surgeon is well pleased, said he had to go much deeper that he had even imagined, and had to leave one, due to the extensive amount--but-all's well so far. thanks for all the well wishes, that was two and a half hours of good sleep--lol.
no, sweetwm, the dr that sent me to spf. thought it was ganglion cyst, but wasnt--dont have the slightest idea of the difference. other hand will be done later.
thanks again, everyone.
hope everything the freeze got will recover.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

good to see you post. now is time for physical therapy if the weather cooperates!

best wishes


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oakleif(z6 AR)

So glad to hear from you. Take care and stay warm.

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Welcome back Ceresone! Sounds like you're healing well. How long until you can use your hand again?

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