Arkansas Traveler plants not producing

wulfletons(Zone 7a)May 24, 2014

I have two Arkansas Traveler plants that are beautiful, but neither has fruit yet. One of them hasn't really flowered.
I have a total of 24 plants in the ground (black krim, purple cherokee, better boy, early girl, black cherry, juliet, and black cherry) and all of the other plants have quite a bit of fruit on them.

I have been planning of pulling any plants that haven't set fruit by June 1st, since I suspect if they haven't produced by then they won't be producing, but since this is a new variety to me I thought I would check here first to see if people have found AT to be a late fruit setter. The DTM is not dramatically different than the DTM of the other varieties.

The two plants in question are not close to each other in the garden, and both of them are near tomatoes that are setting fruit, so I don't think that it's anything I've done wrong.


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When did the plants go into the ground and how old were they? I wouldn't pull them as AT are one of my most reliable producers over the summer, producing heavy in late summer. Plus they are delicious. Mine do have fruit but they were started midFeb, planted out midApril with flowers on them.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Don't pull those sweet little Arkansas Traveler plants. They are good guys and will be setting fruit in the July and August heat when almost nothing else is. In my garden, they usually are about the last variety to set fruit, but that is okay. I have lots of others for earlier fruit and not that many for late fruit, so I don't mind.

I never yank out plants arbitrarily by date because they set fruit until temperatures get hot enough to impede fruitset, and the time that occurs can vary wildly. Some years, I'll get fruitset even in July and August and occasionally, like in 2011, it gets hot enough in May to impede fruitset and then it stays that hot.

Remember that DTMs are estimates only. My tomato plants vary wildly with regard to whether or not they produce the ripe fruit about when you would expect them to do so based on the DTMs, so I ignore DTMs for the most part.

It isn't anything you are doing. It is the nature of the variety itself. Right now it might seem like the garden space they are occupying is being wasted because they haven't set fruit, but later in the summer, they'll be pulling their share of the load.


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Arkansas traveler was late for me but did a nice job setting fruit in heat. Its worth the wait,too.

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wulfletons(Zone 7a)

Thanks everyone. Most of the tomtaoes, including the traveler, went in mid April (the brandy wines and one better boy went in earlier with a wall o water), and now that I think about it the Arkansas travelers may not have had flowers when they went it. My garden is small enough that I have to be brutal about space, but I will give these guys more time! I have some thuggish kale that I will pull and eat this weekend to make room for some okra.

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That is my favorite tomato variety so far! Oh, for fresh eating anyway.(Only on season #2 as a gardener though) My experience has been the same, slightly late to the party but the life of it once it arrives!

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wulfletons(Zone 7a)

Just wanted to follow this up in case anyone comes across this thread when doing a search. The Arkansas travelers did start producing later than most of my other plants, but did a great job of producing throughout the summer and is still going strong long after Cherokee Purple, Black Krim and even Juliet have given up. I don't love the flavor, but I like it and I suspect I will plant it again next year just because it's been so consistent for me.

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Travelers are not as acid as other tomato varieties so are more mild. Tomato juice canned from Travelers has a almost sweet taste. Personally I don't care about having the first tomato's in town just so I have some. Travelers are very good eaten fresh or canned in to juice. It makes real good soup and chili when the weather gets cold.

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