Ants collecting grass seed

lcpw_gw(z6 St Louis)September 20, 2010

I put down grass seed over the weekend, and within minutes could see ants carrying it away, each ant with a seed in its mouth. The following day, looking at the soil I'd seeded, I was hard pressed to find a single seed; the ants seem to have collected ALL of it.

These aren't fire ants or ants that bite much; I'm generally not troubled at having them around. But I'm kindof baffled at how to approach this, to successfully grow grass instead of just feeding the ants.

I'm contemplating putting down corn meal when I reseed, with the hope that the corn meal will be more desirable to the ants, and they'll focus on carting that off ... but ... ants are hard workers; I'm concerned that they'll just cart off the meal AND the seed.

Any suggestions?


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dogwind(Z8a TX)

I know sugar or molasses works wonders for driving away fire ants. It will probably do the same for other types of ants, too. The theory is that sugar causes an explosion of microbial activity in the soil. The ants hate the microbial activity and leave.
You can try dry molasses, which is sold in 50# bags as cattle feed. Broadcast it all over your yard at 20# per 1000 sq ft. Another way would be to buy a gallon of liquid molasses, pour it into a hose end sprayer, and apply at 2 ounces per gallon. Either way should get the same effect. Normal table sugar might work too, but wouldn't provide any of the micronutrients that you would get from molasses. you should see results almost immediately.

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