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gerry_wyomingpa(z6)January 12, 2006

Think twice...

Click link to see discussion on Antique Roses Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Almost all Internet sites which involve forums,chat rooms etc. have the same policy. It's nothing new. Some people from the GW are running over to the other large Garden forum because of the privacy policy here and never bothered to check and see that where they are going has the same thing.

We reserve the right to modify, reproduce and redistribute materials posted to our services, both internally and for commercial use. Copyright of all material published is retained by the contributor. The contributor does, however, grant to StandardOut, Inc. a non-exclusive license to modify, reproduce, and re-distribute the contributed content in any manner that it sees fit.

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mwoods, did you read all the new policy? It also allows them to market your e-mail address and anything else they have. Read the part about that and find any other website so brazen that it tells anybody who wants to read it that ANYTHING they have belongs to them and they will do what they see fit. At least Dave's clearly spells out that your personal info will never be shared. For GW to lock up their most valuable content so that the contributors cannot retrieve it and then announce a new policy about what they can do is brazen theivery in my book. No more content from me unless they pay. Since I am not anticipating a call from them, Goodbye.

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Not only have they restated the rules, the link to the privacy policy isn't there tonight though it was this afternoon. Also, I notice that where it gives you the option to leave GW, the place to send your leaving e-mail is blank. Is it my browser, or does everybody else see the link.

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The other site only agrees not to share your name and email address..everything else you post is theirs and to use their own do with in any manner it sees fit. The point is,If I'm going to be offended that my name,which is fake,could be shared then I would be offended if anything is shared. Nothing on the Internet is private and to think it is, in my opinion, is naive.

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Fight nice.

I am sorry, perhaps this is the way things are run these days, and I as well as others are just learning it, all I know is I think it is wrong.

I guess this was not a good way for me to return to the PA forum, just thought "youse" would like to know.


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Sorry here too. There are definitely other forums out there with a different set of rules etc. and I hope those who leave are able to find something to their satisfaction. I would just say if you do go,don't use your real name when registering,or real address if it's asked for. I don't know many who do that anymore and faking all the info is much safer. Also,go to Yahoo and get a mailbox there so you aren't opening your personal email address up to all kinds of spam and who knows what else. I've been here at the GW since 1996 and have seen lots of changes over the years,even when it was under Spike, some of it good and some of it bad and it's the same now. You just weigh out the good and the bad and then make your decision to stay or go. Sorry Pete for jumping on you. There have been so many people over the years who have complained and complained and threatened over and over again to leave but never do and then start in all over again. You probably aren't one of those. Good luck to you on Dave's or wherever you go and the same for everyone else who leaves.

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I've always believed that anything you post anywhere, online is 'out for grabs'. I agree it's naive to not know this. With all the hacking going on out there, swiping a picture is small potatoes.

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

I have to comment on this one. No I'm not leaving garden web but Other than visiting/staying in contact with old garden friends. I also no longer contribute anything. My friends and contacts have my email and can contact me as always but this site is no longer just a forum for gardeners. It is so loaded with pop ups and ads along with adware I don't visit daily as I once did and usually don't log in if I do. It still is useful to me for information but due to recent changes I now find other sources better for my needs more often. As time goes on I forsee fewer and fewer contributions from those wonderful and truly knowledgeable individuals out there who gladly and freely gave of their wealth of knowledge to us fellow gardeners. Already many have quit coming here or scaled back. It is a trend that I have seen before on many diferent sites and not just in gardening. When the commercial aspect overides the original intent it happens. Some will leave. Some will stay. Some will return others will not. But for those in charge of garden web remember this... a business survives by repeat customers and reputation even on the net. As for me I will look here now and then and look to other places and when I find one I prefer over the others that is where I will settle.

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I agree, there are many pitfalls on the net, but how many companies come out and tell you that your e-mail address is one of their assets. Only an asset if you sell it, and they make every claim to be able to do that.
Here is one passage that says they have the right to sell your e-mail address.
"n. Business Transfers. We may sell or transfer assets or portions of our business as we continue to improve our product and service offerings. In such transactions, user or visitor information (whether non-personally identifiable or personally identifiable) may constitute one of the transferred business assets."

I too have been here since 96, I helped Spike out enough that we wrote back and forth about vacations, etc. I even wrote many of the FAQ'a on one forum. But this turn of events has me gone to another place where I am much happier (and I never though I'd ever say that). And with the growth of that website, things are moving forward at a fast clip. No pop ups, no claim to own your address as an asset, pictures posted in every query, no separate forum, and yes, we can see each reply at once, just like here.

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I am hitting the different forums where there is this topic is being discussed until I am banned to say some of us that are not pleased not only with this new policy but also all the ads are looking to start a new.
It is sad when we do not feel that we can freely and openly share information or pictures with one another here. Some will stay, some will go, and some of us plan on doing both.

You can learn more at where those interested are going to meet to jointly decide on what to do, and what to call the new site we create. This will be free from cost, free from ads, and more importantly ran by its members.

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Thanks, bone. I'll check that out.

Pete, the email address is blank because it is blank. Plus, the email link for opting out does not function, because its address can't be found.

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