Aerangis distincta

bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)October 15, 2009

Hey everyone!

This is a first-time bloomer for me, and I think it's the most impressive aerangis I've ever seen. The blooms on this are absolutely HUGE -- 2-3/4" across and the spurs 7". There is a second spike that's hard to make out, with another two buds. I don't have a good staging area for pics -- when I get the exposure right for the blooms, the rest comes out a bit dark.

Here are two sets of photos at different stages of development. Interesting how the petals don't always form the same way, or in the same orientation.


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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

What a beautiful plant, Bruce. Great growing! This is one of my favorites. What kind of growth phase are yours in right now? Mine are not growing roots, or leaves. Mine blasted this year...hopefully it's happier next year.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Indeed, a beautiful plant/blooms/photos! Congratulations, good growing.

Sheila :)

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pretty plant , how long do you think the blooms will last? I have wondered if outside kept plants lose flowers sooner. Deanna

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bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)

Thanks everyone for your comments! Calvin -- it's in "bloom mode", and most everything shuts down during that time...although root tips may be fresh. I have to admit that I haven't been as attentive lately, and haven't looked closely, but I'm fairly certain that it put out a few leaves maybe June through August.

Deanna -- it may be a bit counterintuitive, but it's been my experience that just the opposite happens. As long as you can keep wayward insects from having a snack, and having them stay wet overnight, blooms will last longer when more humid. Since they're delicate, and can easily lose moisture, flowers need the humid air to stay hydrated -- as long as it's "reasonable" and not 95%. Cooler temperatures like those found indoors helps, but with that coolness, drier air may be present as well, which can make them dessicate more quickly. The only other factor that will make flowers wilt quickly is fertilization, which is most likely to happen outdoors, but unlikely for us here in the States as most of our cultivated orchids don't have the necessary pollinators nearby.

I have seen some indoor orchid flowers hang on maybe a bit longer, but the aging process makes them look papery and dull..when one outside would have decayed at a quicker rate because of the humidity. At any rate, when you consider the length of time a bloom is in it's prime, there probably isn't a whole lot of difference between indoors and out. IMHO, I think most orchid flowers "sparkle" a bit better (and definitely are more fragrant) when kept humid.

The first flower just starting to wilt in the second set of pics (taken today) opened up a little over a week ago. That's about par for most angraecoid blooms.


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