wild night last night if you watched TV

helenh(z6 SW MO)April 18, 2013

I got 2.4 inches of rain and have turned the gauge back over because now it will get cold. The dogs and I were in the basement at 2:00 because the TV weather guy saw rotation and a bow front. This morning only one report I've heard of damage - near Grove, OK. Maybe I will hear of more later.

Beau (black dog) was worried early but settled down. I had no bad lightning only some rumbling and I could hear the wind. I am glad we have the weatherman to look out for us, but it was really just a heavy rain here and no damage. I should be thankful. Beau turned out to be a better predictor of the actual weather that hit here.

My tomatoes are too big. I want you all to remind me next Feb. not to plant until at least the middle of March. I have several blooming and one with a little tomato and it is too cold to plant them outside. My hall is full of tomatoes that I had outside under a clear tarp zip tied to a dog kennel. Now I am trying to fit them back under the lights and they don't fit.

I have planted some under wall of water type things, but my big plants are too big for the wall of water device.

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Helen , glad you didn't get any bad weather. We got 1.75 inches of rain.

I just allow 6 weeks for tomato plants to grow before going into the ground around May 20. I used to do it way too early and would have to dig a trench to lay them in! Of course, if it doesn't warm up soon and stay that way mind may still get too big!

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I thought about you all last night. And Helen, I was up about the same time you were. The TV weather picture was a sea of red and boy, was there water coming down! I had just shy of 3 inches in the rain gauge. My car trunk in the garage is covered with plants ready to go out, and I had even planted a darling little Supersweet 100 tomato a couple days ago. I knew better-- She got covered with some loose straw and a pot over her this evening.

Surely our drought has been broken. I wondered this AM if I should be boiling water, as the last time we had that much water, it was after the tornado. But I thought maybe Folger's would take care of everything, and apparently there wasn't an order out after all.

Not one tulip bloom was shattered, nor were any dogwood blooms knocked off, so all we had was rain. The thunder and lightning was terrible, though. "Our" storm pushed off east and made some big trouble today. So sorry.

And I'm real sorry I didn't mow earlier!

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When I woke up, they had just cancelled a tornado warning isouthwest of us that looked like it might've been headed our way. I think it's a good thing I didn't wake up 15 minutes earlier and make everyone go downstairs in the middle of the night on a school night for nothing. lol
My "thunder alert dog" is gone now so I don't wake up so easily when it storms. My husband and I get Ozarksfirst alerts on our phones for storm warnings so if I have mine on my end table by the bed, I think it would wake me up for a tornado warning for my county. But we're sort of on the west edge of the county, so I like to head downstairs a little earlier than that, especially since I have to gather up kids and dogs.

NOAA says 34 for tonight but Accuweather says 31. Tuesday night is supposed to get cold too.

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