snakes and soil tests etc.

anisebApril 3, 2007

I had a lady come do a soil test on my yard and garden today. She was from the James River Basin Project. Violet had mentioned that they were doing free soil tests. As it turned out, they were interested in testing yards and educating folks on the dangers of overfertilizing and storm water run off. We don't fertilize or or use weed killer or anything on our lawn so I couldn't contribute much to their survey. She ended up taking two soil samples in my yard since it is fairly big for a city yard and obviously has different soil in each part. She also took a soil sample from my garden. I had to pay $10 for that but I was glad to get it. I'd never done one and was interested in how she did it. She just used a couple of garden tools like I own. She said she had an expensive tool that drilled into the soil but that the ground around here was so rocky that she mostly didn't bother to use it. LOL

My husband went out our our front door about thirty seconds ahead of me today and didn't close the door. When I got to the door a snake was coming into the house and started climbing up the wall. We just keep thinking about what if we hadn't seen him. I don't even like snakes outside. So...a word to the wise. Keep your doors shut!


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I remember the same rocky soil test:) But they gave us the tool and had us do it and bring it in.

I just asked hub today if he thought it was safe to leave the screen porch door propped open for a few hours for my Mama cat to bring her kittens in...he said No:)

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Yuk to the snake.I 've still not seen one yet.Someone would have to call an ambulance if i saw one crawling up my inside walls. I will keep my screen doors shut. Thanks for the warning.

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Glad for the warning about the snakes. Our back door doesn't have a screen; it is a funny, off-size little one that the carpenter had to make fit....sometimes I don't shut it behind me when I take something to the patio just outside the door. Won't be doing that again!

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Awww - He probably just wanted to come inside where it's warm for a few days until the cold snap is over. hehehe
Do you know what kind it was? I think every time I've heard about someone getting a snake in their house it was a Black Snake. I have never found one in my house and hope I never do. It's surprising that it happened in such a short time and that having people around didn't scare him off.

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You can borrow the tool from the extension office, just let them know.

Yes, the free soil test is for your entire property, it is not "garden specific". It's an excellent opportunity to learn about your property and the area.

But $10 for a specific location is still cheaper than going thru the extension service. And in many states a soil test can run you $60.

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You didn't say how you got the snake back out! Do you know what kind it was? I wouldn't want a snake in my house either, but when I see a speckled King Snake outside, I leave him alone, because the first time I ever saw one, He had half of a copperhead down his gullet--head first. They constrict them until they are dead and then swallow them. Black snakes are climbers as baby birds are their favorite meal and they can climb trees to get them. Hog nose snakes are also good guys, eating mostly mice and toads.

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Yes, the snake was a black snake. I contributed to his capture by screaming a lot and keeping an eye on it while my husband looked for something to get him out with. Actually, the first thing he did was to try shooing him out, you know, flopping his arms and saying "shoo, shoo, little snakey". When that didn't work he brought in a garden tool,like a rake but three pronged,and carried him out to the vacant lot next door. He killed him because he knew I wouldn't rest until he did. He said he apologized to the snake first for his pitifully phobic wife. And I apologize to you snake lovers and I'll be sorry when the mice and rats visit.

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