Sherry baby or chocolate orchid!!!!

lavenderpyly(CT)October 4, 2013

I am so exited!!!! This orchid, I bought it last year from a green house in very poor condition. And after, A lot of loving care look her first flower just open.

Just wanted to share with you guys!!!!

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Does it smell like coconut? If so it's Sharry Baby. Good growing.


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Uh, nick? Coconut is Max. tenuifolia. Oncidium Sharry Baby is chocolate...

Well done! I'm nursing a tragic Sharry baby myself.

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Hi! Well mines smell like chocolate and I have a few other sherry baby and they all smell like chocolate. The one that smells like coconut is the maxillaria tenuifolia and I have that one too. Thats the one on this pic that i add. but no flowers yet as soon I get flower from that one I will post them. Thanks guys!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Every so often here, orchid growers bench their plant as Sherry Baby; maybe they think that Sharry is a mistake.
Wonder is D.O'Flaherty is still alive to appreciate how popular the orchid he or she registered has become?
Sharry Baby
Synonym Flag
This is not a synonym
Registrant Name
Originator Name
Date of registration
Seed parent Pollen parent
Genus Oncidium Oncidium
Epithet Jamie Sutton Honolulu

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Chocolate = Maxillaria tenuifolia. Sharry Baby = sugar almonds. Would make a nice cake....

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Sharry is chocolate!


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