Pennsylvania Gardeners...are you here ????

japusJanuary 31, 2013

After reading through these messages I am wondering if posting on this Pennsylvania forum is going to be worth the time and effort ???
Being in the Indiana zone 5 area I enjoy reading about others questions/answers, occasionally I may have some input to offer...
What say you people of PA. ?????

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Join in. I still think PA gardeners are in hibernation. I posted the message looking for gardeners in bucks county pa.
Southeast corner of state. I still think you should learn as much as possible until you leave this life.

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I cant believe any one who enjoys gardening goes into any kind of hibernating..
Good golly there is so much to do during the idle days of winter, their certainly not idle for me, I wait for the trucks at our local gardening stores....LOL....

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Since I am unable to go ice fishing nearby due to the warm up.
I figured I would post. I first posted last Friday on Garden Web. I got a reply to check on Pennsylvania
As you can see it is only you and I.
A few days ago I was asked went is the best time to build raised beds. I replied now.
I will start my cole crops indoors in a few days.
As you say there is plenty to do.
Get my seed room and small lean too greenhouse ready.
Then the battle begins. That notorious groundhog and small rabbits, and squirrels.

What have you been doing?

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I recently finished this cold frame, have 4 raised beds 4X12, this takes over much of one.
I'm considering a portable tent for early crops I don't want to move. Going to place this on one complete bed, have 1 bed completely dedicated to rhubarb and they are doing beautifully.
Made a small bed last fall just for garlic, when the garlic come out maybe I can use it for a quickie something.
Last week I started trimming our wisteria, going to try to get some flowers this season.
Have a new project going now, gonna put some metal shelving together and make a small frame to start seeds early, I am going to do this all outside, if it works good, if not then we will see.
Heck I can spend an entire day sitting outside just thinking of what I wanna do..

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Planted this last August, grew slowly and came through some very cold weather, I placed it in the cold frame and it's doing rather nicely even now.
Wife had 2 hanging baskets remaining that we didnt toss, I hung them on the deck and forgot about them.
Just before that last cold snap I saw they were sprouting new leaves, in the cold frame they went, otherwise just compost fodder.

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Did you use standard plastic sheeting or agricultural plastic?

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Neither, about 25 years ago I had the option of getting plastic bags (industrial).
They are about 100 gallon bags of hi quality 4 or 6 ML.
They've been sitting in my basement, outside shed, etc and never shown any signs of decomposition.
So I am using these till have none left.
I may get some plexiglass, 2X4 sheets, thinking of it.

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Instead of plexiglass, which is expenses. I used corrugated sheets of plastic. You can get it at home depot 2' x 12'.
You use wood corrugated strips to fasten them to.
This is what I used on my lean to greenhouse ten years ago.
It hasn't discolored or anything. If you need it air tight, you can gasket it with 1/4" backer rod. and use hinges to open. When I brought them. They were 18 a sheet. You use tin snips to cut it.

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Lucifer Thanks that's a great idea,
I'll need to look into that.
I just may change things around a bit, like hinges on the outside, split the front and hinge it also.
So it can swing open.
After sitting on the deck and looking at the project with a couple of cold one's, who knows what ideas can crop up into ones head.
Pic is before I started cold frame

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Hey. Western PA here. I have an indoor garden going through the winter months.

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do you have any pictures ?
Indoor gardens can be very interesting

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I have a couple on my blog and the link is on my profile. I haven't gotten around to doing more with that because the last 3 months have been crazy.

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pghgardengirl(6b SW PA)

Hey-SW PA here....
I have those same plastic bags! LOL...I sewed them together and plan on putting them over a green house I made of PVC pipe. Like a hoop house, kinda. I used them last year on small tunnels where I cut a hoola hoop in half and put the plastic over that, weighted down by rocks. Worked like a charm!

I have started onions, kohlrabi, lettuce...and of course Winter Sowing my flowers. I have lights and shelves in a basement closet but it's cold down there LOL. I was gonna try the same thing with shelving and plastic this year. I have one cold frame I use to overwinter a few hanging pots of perennials. Wasn't sure how that was gonna work but good so far..just looked yesterday and they are still green.

I think I have more ideas than I do time, also! :0)

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Looks like your well on your away to an exciting planting

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

hey all, montgomery county here. itching for the weather to get a little nicer to get out there and do some serious clean up. did spend about 5 hours a few friday's ago, when the weather was grand, but it hasn't been since. last year was a bust, i had a HA, so suffice it to say, i did no gardening whatsoever, and with that, came a tremendous amount of weeds, or all shapes and sizes. this year it is my intention to put in some raised beds, to get the drums prepped and set up for water retention and if i'm lucky, to get the 10x12 greenhouse sitting in my garage assembled, up and running. oh and in all that, i want to sneak in just a few chickens, but we'll see. a girl can dream, right?

it's always been my experience that this forum isn't all that active and i'm finding all over GW, that many of the forums are quite slow of late.


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You've got a lot of work to do...LOL
That's what I always say, only add "so little time to do it in".
There is always fishing, sleeping, napping, birdwatching, grass cutting, etc etc..
how can we do this all..oh yes, and Garden Web..
I recently found this site, anywhere I go pertaining to gardening I am always telling people about it..A great source of info here..
Well I better get out and put up my compost pile...see ya.

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kbard(6b PA)

I'm hibernating on the montgomery/ lehigh county line. I have done basically nothing for months. If I didn't work, I would go out and so some cleanup around 230 pm each day with the sun to keep me a little warmer. But I never get home til after dark so no such luck!

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I'll promise you, within 2 months you'll get more heat from that ol man sun....LOL

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Montgomery County here, too, the part near Delco. How soon do you start spreading mulch? I only have room for a few beds. Wish I had your kind of space. I already have daffodils blooming on the sunny, protected side of my house.

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Blair county here. i'm not holding my breath but next weeks temps are looking up. I guess there may be hope..:)

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Our daffodil's are already up and coming
Breath easy spring is on it's way

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We are supposed to get a big storm next week -- snow or rain or both is to be decided. Many times my dafs end up lying face down in the snow or mush. Sometimes they do come back up.

I noticed some weeds spreading in one of my beds last week. The ground is not frozen, so I yanked a lot of them up. The weather is crazy any more.

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I'm in agreement with you as far as the weather
Usually by now our daffodils are up, this year their just peeking through, my thoughts are when spring does arrive this year it will be like a spring we haven't seen for quite some time.
Plants, trees, etc etc will just explode with growth
Isnt that a lovely thought ? It is for me......

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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Centre county here although hoping to move to lycoming soon. Our home is going on the market and we have not bought anything else so I am in standstill right now. Hopefully the bulbs I planted will come up soon so I can see them before we have to move. It has been a long winter, hasn't it?

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I'm really trying to hang in there, but every morning I get up open the curtains & YUK! Cold, cold, cold, windy, & snowy! COME ON ALREADY!

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When you really think about it, isn't every winter a long one ?
So far if you really want to be objective this winter has been the nicest I think I have ever seen in PA.
Considering the balmy weather we had till this year, it was great., of course this is my opinion.
Remember Nov of 2011 ? very cold and snowed all the time.
It's all over now, spring is here....LOL

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Wow japus, you are a prolific gardener. I wish I could learn gardening from you..

I'm a newb folks. I got a fly-catching plant from Lowe's from a dollar :). I had to feed it an insect because it was wilting..

And I just got interested in air purifying houseplants. I got a peacelilly and English ivy..


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I'm as new as new can be to gardening, for years I planted in a patch 10 X 20.
4-5 years ago I decided maybe raised beds would work for me, that they did....
About 2 years ago I purchased some gardening books.
As with many books I purchase I just thought having them on shelves would be enough..
That didn't work, so I started reading them and really learned much. I heard about compost never realizing the importance of it..
Well I came across a book I had called Square Foot Gardening.....After reading it I felt like I was born again in gardening, and that I was..a born again convert to Square Gardening.
I knew it had to be true, to simple, pure, and easy for it not to be, then after reading more about it, and already having beds to work it, I got into gear..
Just about ready when weather breaks to start up..

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Every year I feel like I'm new to gardening, someone tells me something i didn't know, someone points out a whole new area I never even heard about! I'd be bored otherwise.

Frank from Luzerne county

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I have an organic gardening group that meets every second Monday of the month. it takes place at Churchville Nature Center in Churchville in Bucks county Look up the Churchville reservour. We talk about all type of of topics. We have speakers talking about compost, bees, raising worms, chickens. Every year we have seed, and plant swap.
We usually have at least 15 people. last year we had a record 66 people. Membership is free. We ask people to donate a dollar or two to pay the fee for the space and to pay our speakers..

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Chriswanderer, do not plant that English Ivy in your yard or you will be sentenced to a lifetime of keeping it under control. My yard has lots of it and it is the number one gardening chore that I have. If I did not keep cutting that stuff back, it would grow over the entire house and every inch of the yard. It was here when we bought the house. I dig clumps out every year and hope to eradicate it one day.

Wow, today is gorgeous!!

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Yes. I read that the ivy is invasive. But ironically, it is an excellent air cleaner..

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I would love to be on here more.I go for dialysis 3x a week,II need a kidney when Im home Im too tired to do anything.It actually breaks my heart I cant garden etc when I want .I miss it immensely.But I will come on more Ive gardened all my life.I live scentral Pa.

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Come on here when your able.
Will be good to help keep your mind on the gardening that you love.
Hopefully someday you'll be able to get your hands dirty again, all that mud, grime, and stuff..
best wishes to you

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Hi japus! I think I spoke to you in Lowes a couple of weeks ago! I've started tomatoes, green peppers and cukes under grow lights. My hubby started some things too. probably too soon, but we've got tons of seeds. I've already planted some seedlings into bigger pots.

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Holy heck! I looked at "my page" and I registered here in 2011! I don't remember doing that, but then I found it in my gardening bookmarks!

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thank you

i will,hey when is a good time in s central pa to plant seed,its been so long .hubby wants to try it this year,I read 4-6weeksbefore last frost/??

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Yes I remember our chat, hope your doing well.
Lowes is starting to fill up with planting items, spring goodies I'll say..
I started cool weather crops here, probably much to early, however I just wanted to practice seeding.
My first batch was the best so far.
Have you checked on square foot gardening yet ? A remarkable project in my opinion, shall be looking for you at Lowes.

I'd say any time now is a good time to start, If not for effect, good practice.
With the way our weather's been as of late, I'm not counting on any ones prediction.
I am going with "what you see is what you get"

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Japus, I bought the square foot gardening book last year. I want to follow it to the letter, but I've had to compromise. I'm not the only gardener in the house! We each have our own ideas!

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Chester County here. Hey I am new on this forum,lately moved from Virginia Beach. Please don't think I'm crazy, but I am wondering if anyone over here in the SE corner of PA has tried sweet olive shrubs (osmanthus frangrans). I think Longwood grows them so maybe they are ok. (We are zone 7 here, at least on my property.) I really, really miss Zone 8 and the South, so admittedly I am trying to recapture a little of what I had in Virginia. If you don't know them, they are absolutely gorgeous and fragrant.

Second question, can anyone comment on fast they grow?

Ok, ok, I know you will tell me to scram and go onto the Mid-Atlantic forum. I tried that but it is way too depressing with everyone talking about zone 8 plants!

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Hi Vforge
Keep trying here, maybe another forum would help.
I bet if you contacted Longwood Gardens they would help you..
Good Luck in any event

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demeron(Zone 6)

Cumberland County. Staggering after losing the meadow behind us to commercial development, but trying to recover :P

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Hi Vforge.
I am in Chester county too! We just bought the property last year.
I checked there are several members of this family that are hardy here. Check Dave's garden. They seem to have the same sweet fragrance. Some seem to be hardy up to zone 6.

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Have our seeds starting indoors. A few things planted outside. Do mostly container gardening. Recently joined gardenweb. Love the site and learning a lot...

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Hi Gandj
I enjoy container garden also, always have a bunch laying around and they seem to do better than my normal garden.
This season I'm entering the Square Foot program.
I've been running ragged trying to locate some ingredients, however now am ready to lock & load..

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kbard(6b PA)

Japus where did you get vermiculite?? I am starting a sq ft too. Didn't buy any ingredients yet though but I was browsing today at the garden centers... It would have been like $80 for just the vermiculite.

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Japus, good luck with the square foot garden. Years and years ago when we had the space for a big garden, we had neither the time or the desire. Now, we only have room for containers. Our dogs use the tiny bit of yard for, well what dogs do... But on the plus side, when we sit outside and enjoy the weather, we're sitting right in the middle of our "garden"!

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There is a local Feed & Supply store in our town, family run and very helpful.
When I asked about vermiculite they told me three 4 cu ft bags were available.
They were the fine blend, I asked if they could order coarse.
They looked through their catalogs and told me it was available, I ordered 3 bags of coarse, also took the 3 bags of fine.
The coarse cost me $25.00 per bag, the fine was $18.00 each.
They were looking to get rid of the fine stuff, I'll use it somewhere.
$25.00 a bag for the coarse is a good deal.
I'd suggest you try your local garden center's, (not box stores) ask them if they can order from catalogs for you.
$80.00 for a bag is to much in my opinion.
Do this while their not busy, they may not want to take the time while the cash register is buzzin....during the spring rush.
4 cubic ft bags may be ordered from Home Supply in Marion Center PA

This post was edited by japus on Tue, Dec 10, 13 at 9:06

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SouthCentral Pa. here. I'm also new to this site. Lots of great info.
I really jumped the gun and planted my window boxes last week and now theres a freeze warning tonight. What a dope.

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Certainly not a dope Barbara.
Just think how nice they would have been if nature took it's normal course.
They may survive this anyway.
Good Luck

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1st complete SFG bed, planted a few cool weather crops on Wed.
Hopefully they were cold weather items.
They had to go into the ground,
What a pleasure working in the mix, I plan on 3 more beds..

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I planted my cool weather crops about 2 weeks ago and there doing good but it is about time to warm up hopefully.

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York County here...trying my hand at gardening, but could really use a personal gardening for dummies trainer...I cannot seem to get anything right...planted corn a couple of weeks ago...was doing great until the unexpected cold spell last week now the corn looks horrible...covered it but still...the leaves have a purplish streak and some look shredded, does anyone know if this is the weather or is something else the culprit?

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Your certainly not alone flopped, almost everyone to 1 degree or other has had problems with this years weather.
My yard hasnt had a freeze in the 40 years we have lived here.
This year some of the leaves on my kiwi plants have turned black, I'm blaming the 28 deg's last week.
Nothing to do but move on..

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I didn't know there was a Pennsylvania forum! I just seen it wile checking out someone's trade pg.
I still have all my veg & flower seedling's im the lil greenhouse. That freeze freaked me out. It killed my wisteria. I'll plant out latter in the week. :)

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This is months later than the last post, but, I don't post here because I am in SW Pa. About 30 miles from West Virginia, and about 60 miles from Pittsburgh. Most posts on here seem to be from folks closer to the coast. There are lots of posts with no replies, so why post if there aren't replies for months?

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Hi Poaky
If everyone felt that way there would be no posts at all.
I post here when ever I think of it, and have something to rave or rant about.
I dont think it matters where you're at in PA. I'm not to far from Pittsburgh and check here every so often.
This time of the year I kinda think gardening isn't in the forefront of everyone's thoughts..
Have Merry Christmas Poaky

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suzannie41(PA-Zn 6)

I'm in Chester County, PA....and gardening is always on my mind. We've started out with a lot of cold weather so far this year, and lots of snow too. Japus I like your photos above....very nice.

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Hi Sizannie
you picture looks so wintry, I suppose starting today it is, although doesn't feel like it..
I took a walk out to my compost piles today, one needs to be turned, however there is so much mud I just can't work in it.
I sorta gave up on this forum, apparently not many are interested, to bad it has such great potential.
Great pics Suzannie

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Japus, and others, you are right. This thread has been disappointing in the past though.

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Hi Poaky
Don't quite give up yet.
The time's coming soon when PA. gardeners will awake and start asking questions.
I have enjoyed the local banter here, however I'm intently busy on the SFG forums since I have converted all of my beds to that process.

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grew up in Beaver County...

I'm wondering if there will be any seed swaps in the area. I'm trying to connect my Aunt with some of the swaps and gardening community.

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Hello all! I'm new the web page, forum AND Pennsylvania...south Bedford County about 15 miles from the Maryland line. As you can tell I am from Texas--born and raised. My husband and two of our boys moved here this past Sept (2013) and I am wanting desperately to garden this year. (Keep in mind we are renting but the landlord is going to till up the area for a garden.)

Here's my concerns. I know that deer are more "abundant" here than where I was in Texas. They were there but I didn't have a problem with them and my vegetable garden partly due to my dogs. Well, here, I have just one dog and he's inside more than out (Chihuahua) but he loves to chase them. I have already planted tulips and daffodils (I think) in spots next to the house. Little did I realize that deer, so I hear, LOVE tulips. UGH!! But I have found "homemade deer repellent" recipe on this site and will be using it! Unfortunately in Texas, I had NO luck with tulips. Well, they came up but never bloomed. My sister-in-law who only lived 1500 yards from me did have some luck with them.

Anyways, I need tips/advice on things that I can do for my garden and flowers. I am going to ask my pastor, who had a wonderful garden last year for tips but I think his biggest help was a wooden fence around his garden and it was close to the house. Not sure where the last garden here was and I believe that's where the landlord is thinking of tilling.

Any help is greatly appreciated as in I hope to can a lot of my vegetables for winter to help save money on groceries. Thanks!!

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Hi Texas native and a warm welcome.
Your dogs aren't going to repel Pennsylvania deer unless they are outside all the time and able to chase.
My son visits us with his N.C. Dingo, dog goes crazy when deer are outside and it doesn't even concern the deer outside. Even dog's scent does nothing.
Deer here come from the woods, and in my opinion are not disturbed by human scent. I think while in town they do not consider human scent a threat.
I've sat at night in total darkness with lights aimed at deer in our yard, I live in town, so an abundance of human scent is available, they do not bolt till they see me move.
I have a small garden that after gathering up small trees in the woods, erected a small fence around, only 3 feet high with lots of obstructions inside, deer have never jumped in.
My belief is they detect danger and stay out..
According to our local Penn State Ag. rep, he's of the mind deer may be deterred by objects, and odors, however in time understand there is no threat and will ignore it.
This photo was before I had my raised beds & cold frame in place.
Good Luck

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Welcome TXnative.
I am a Pa native who was a Texasi transplant for 20 years and am back in PA now. You will not recognize the deer here in PA The first deer I saw in TX I thought was a fawn. So you need to fence the garden in PA. The good news is that the soil is 10 x's as fertile and the weather much easier on plants than it was in Houston. You did not say where you lived in TX. the easiest is 2 fences 4 ft high a foot apart. you can use inexpensive netting fences. The deer also do not like tomato cages turned upsidedown. Good luck

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Nothing great to add, but, I will tell ya all what it's like here in Uniontown, pa 15401. It's beyond cold. We are experiencing cold like we haven't seen for 30 yrs. Like -10F and -5F. Also we are possibly going to see -12F. That is zone 5 hardiness for plants. We have been nearly zone 7 hardiness before this arctic crap! Mostly zone 6.
I have some trees that were rated zone 7 previously. I hope they are zone 5-6 hardy.

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Yeah, me again. Japus, the 3 window covered beds above from Jan. 2013. Were you able to grow veggies or something, and harvest with the cover on?

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Last season was only experimental with my newly fashioned raised beds.
These beds were going for about 6 years with soil that I thought was good, last year I converted them all to SFG, (Square Foot Gardens)\
Their success with the M.M. growing medium was positive way, beyond my greatest expectations..
This year, I am hoping to have everything planed correctly.
The so called cold frame, I'm going to use early, then as squares open up I'll replant with summer crop's, then fall.
I have carrots still inside that I tried last season, with this weather everything is frozen solid, hopefully all the bad bugs will be gone.
Picture is 1 of my kohlrabi's, their sure a tasty item.

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geosankie(5a NEPA)

Just to let you know that you are not alone:
We had the -12 here the other morning.
Wife asked if there were still carrots in the garden, so I used a bar to break thru 4 " solid frozen soil and underneath were still great carrots. I have 3 raised beds 4x18 feet by 14 inches deep. I converted to raised beds about 8 years ago with a modification of MM.

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Okay, what is MM growing medium? If these veggies are presently growing in this bitter cold, how are you keeping the temps up? In other words heating? I had actually dreamed of a greenhouse where I could grow veggies in winter. This greenhouse was 8 feet below grade, and a hoophouse, triple glazed and heated. I know I better win the lottery to build and maintain this greenhouse. Oh, it had some palm trees and fountains, along with a pond with goldfish. Yeah, keep dreamin huh?

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Photo's I posted were from last season, nothing growing in my garden now, if there was I'd never even know it.
My compost material is piling up waiting for a break in the temp's.
MM Mel's Mix is what is used in Square Foot Gardening
1/3rd vermiculite
1/3rd peat moss
1/3rd compost
After my beds were completed the task of making my own compost is an enjoyable one, however can be a little work to do it correctly.

    Bookmark   January 28, 2014 at 10:24PM
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Going up to 55 degrees today, time for us PA. gardeners to get out, get ready, and plant..Lets hear from you !!!!

    Bookmark   March 27, 2014 at 7:25AM
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Nice looking pepper plant, Suppose to finally warm up next week so hoping to put in the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants as they are getting big, And some spinach seeds.

    Bookmark   March 27, 2014 at 9:46PM
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Hi all! I'm working on a design project for school and any input would be great! So here are the questions: Has high content of clay in your soil ever been bothersome? How have you been dealing with it so far? If there were some kind of small, low cost machine for getting the clay out of your soil, would you be interested?
Thank you!

    Bookmark   March 29, 2014 at 9:58AM
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Clay ??? whats that ?..
Maybe 3 feet down there may be some in my beds.
With my growing mix I can anytime (not frozen of course) run my hand down 6-8-10 inches and it's all soft...sorry but no interest here in removing clay.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2014 at 6:56PM
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Hello fellow Pennsylvanians.. Representing Montco over here. :) The time is approaching! I am in full-blown garden mode! Planning a large veg garden on my grandparents' property, in addition to my own and getting very excited!

    Bookmark   March 30, 2014 at 1:17PM
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Hi Crazy
Get excited, however don't overdo it. been a long hard winter this season...I planted onions yesterday and had to pound through frozen mix to plant...garlic, shallots, they all survived this winter, looks so nice having green growing again.

    Bookmark   March 30, 2014 at 1:22PM
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I am drowning here in Montgomery County. Two days of downpours. On the few decent days we have had here I managed to clean out some beds, pick up a million pine cones, prune the buddleia, and dig out some unwanted ivy (an ongoing project for me).

Thank goodness for the crocus on the lawn of a nearby church or I would just throw in the gardening towel. I want to spread mulch early since it is so much easier to spread it before too much comes up in the beds.

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Hope your gonna compost those pine cones

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Tbassey, I wouldn't get rid of the clay, but mix in soil ammendments if possible. Pine bark, peat moss, shredded fall leaves. Peat moss is usually not recommended, because it is supposed to be a non-renewable resource. The stuff from Canada is said to be ok to use by some people, other people say it isn't. I use it sparingly. You shouldn't plant in the soil until the soil ammendments have rotted. Or add the stuff already composted and you can plant right away. Mixing the stuff (tilling in) is going to be difficult likely. Clay soil holds onto the minerals and nutrients your plants need better than other soil types, but of course drains slow. I would try to add compost and till in, or make raised beds. The soil and compost forum may help. Adding soil ammendments makes the soil use up nitrogen to break the stuff down and planting in it will make plants in it need more nitrogen than is available. Don't add sand it will make cement.

    Bookmark   April 1, 2014 at 1:11AM
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Im from Adams county,everythings early here yet ,had quite a few things freeze out this winter,really tough winter,Bamboo looks bad,roses lost a few.Wanted to plant some new things but theyre calling for 2-3" rain tonit,tomorrow so Ill wait.Cant get out like Id like, on transplant list.Too tired

    Bookmark   May 15, 2014 at 10:21PM
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Going to be a few cold evenings again.
Even our ivy, which has been extremely hardy over the years has suffered much this year, however it's slowly coming back.
Lost 2 young red bud trees, don't know if that was due to the cold weather though.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2014 at 10:39AM
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Bulldinkie, My bamboo looks bad also, but I have 4 new sprouts coming out on one, the other is likely to put out a few new ones soon, they are clumpers, though. Crazyxmaslady, did you mean Montgomery co, or montco? I never heard of Montco, so you must mean Montgo(mery co) I had a few Hybrid Live oaks do great winter of 2012-2013. They look like they will leaf out, but they are taking an eternity to do it. My American Beech from local woods, are taking for freakin ever to leaf out as well, though.

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Hey Pa folks. I am new gardener here from NEPA. Im not new to growing things. I was fortunate to grow up around orchards and strawberries and farmland but I am new to backyard gardening and I am learning lots and failing too lol.
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to and hopefully I can share something worthwhile. I would eventually like to get my small growing spaces set up so I can grow extended seasons.
Someone said to me a while back "you know you can practically grow all year but Jan/Feb/march"
I would like to see how everyone does their cold cabbages and root veggies etc...

I am growing in a small backyard but hopefully by next summer I can purchase some acreage from my uncle. He is an old farmer and hopefully will let me have some land. He is a bit old school though. I made the mistake of saying "organic" around him and he was like "ahh you can't fight the insects without spraying. Don't even waste your time!"
Thanks again guys!

    Bookmark   May 28, 2014 at 4:06PM
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