Israeli Agriculture and Oklahoma

AlyoshaKMay 16, 2014

Stumbled across this Noble Foundation article last night. "Israeli Agriculture and its promise for Oklahoma". Hoop houses, shade cloth, insect netting, and other topics will be of interest to the Oklahoma gardener. It's from 2009 so some of you may have already read it. It was written after a 10-day visit organized by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Israeli Agriculture and its Promise for Oklahoma

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Thanks for the link, very interesting. I somehow ended up on a uk polytunnel website after a few google searches that gave me the perfect template for the mini-tunnels ive been dreaming of building. Awesome!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Charles , I'm glad you linked this. I had read it on the Noble Foundation's website long ago. Their website is full of fascinating info although sometimes you have to hunt for it a while to find it. I think their website is the first time I ever saw plastic tunnels in use in OK horticulture/agriculture. It probably was from articles on their research with strawberry plasticulture.

There is a lot of agricultural research done in Israel that is of benefit to the rest of the hot, dry nations of the world. I am constantly amazed by how much they have done, agriculturally, in a climate that is not ideal.


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The article immediately reminded me of something posted by someone on this forum, soonergrandmom, I think, that from her experience in the last years things are trending such that gardening under covers will become necessary eventually.

Dawn, what did you think of the part about growing fruit trees under covers?


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Amunk, glad it helped!

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I would be interested in reading the response(s) about undercover gardening.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Charles, I think it would be the ideal solution to living in OK.

Go to the Fruit/Orchard forum and search for Fruitnut's posts. He lives in west Texas at a high altitude and grows all kinds of fruit trees in containers in a greenhouse.

If we ever build a high-tunnel type greenhouse, it will be so we can grow fruit with a fighting chance of not losing it to late frosts. I only get a great tree fruit harvest one year out of three, a moderate harvest one year out of three, and no harvest one year out of three. Lately, the 'no harvest' has happened more than one year out of three, so Mother Nature owes me a great harvest for two years in a row.

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