SBM in fall?

roselee z8b S.W. TexasSeptember 9, 2010

I applied soy bean meal and alfalfa pellets to the mixed St. Augustine and Burmuda grass lawn in the spring and had the prettiest thick green grass ever. Should this be repeated in the fall? I live in San Antonio.

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dogwind(Z8a TX)

I've too read that the extra nitrogen should help speed green up in the spring. At least that's the theory. Honestly I have not paid enough attention in the past to notice. But last year I didn't fertilize much all year and this year my yard didn't completely green up and fill in until July. I think one of the problems was my 4 inches of dead grass on top in the spring prevented the soil from warming up quickly in March and April. This year, on Labor day I applied Lady Bug 8-2-4 (after CGM, CM, Greensand and SBM in previous months) and next month I may apply 50# of SBM to see how much it helps next spring. The yard has been organic 4 years now, so I'm trying to cut back on the fertilizing again.

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Applying a Nitrogen source in the fall will allow the grass plants to store that N and be ready in the spring to grow really well as soon as the soil is warm enough for the grass to grow.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Thanks to you both for your replies.

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