Adding Earthworms to the lawn?

messypotterSeptember 7, 2009

this is the first year i've gone organic

I've got goldens, 3 years ago i had a dog diagnosed with epilepsy & to be honest, a massive seizure was triggered after i fertilized the lawn.

Eventually the dog had to be put down as the seizures couldn't be controlled. I quit doing anything with the yard. I swore off chemicals. They did not cause the condition, but they did trigger an event.

The yard is a mess. We had our 17 year cicada invasion last summer resulting in a bumper crop of moles this summer....the yard was torn apart, first by the moles, then by my dogs eating the moles, well, mostly eating, they always brought me a part or two...

In the spring i top dressed with compost, once a month or so i spread rabbit pellets (food) and/or dry molasses (we had rain all summer so the lawn didn't go dormant.)

I just over seeded and added a thin layer of leaf compost.

Can I add earthworms to hopefully get an added bang for the fall or should I just let the native guys take over? If so, are the ones @ the bait shop suitable?

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There are probably earthworms in your soil now and once they have enough to eat, they'll start multiplying. I wouldn't add any new ones.

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Earthworms need organic matter to exist, so if you do not have many or want to add more then you need to know what the amount of organic matter in your soil is since adding more will do not good if there is not enough there to support the population you already may have. Add more organic matter and the earthworms will be there.

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