How to tell is grass is dead or dormant?

doopstrSeptember 4, 2010

I planted fescue seed last fall. All was great until this summer. In NJ it was very hot this summer and we received very little rain. By mid July just about the whole area turned brown. Now that it's fall I'm wondering if this area is a loss and needs to be seeded or if it's its going to come back. Is there anyway to tell what is going on with this brown grass?

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It's tough to tell except to see if it comes back after rain and/or watering. What kind of fescue? Tall fescue will stay green longer without water than other cool season grasses, but is less likely to come out of dormancy. Fine fescue can stay dormant for months and snap back.

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Cool, moist weather will tell you, because it will take more than one or two good, soaking rains before the grass will start to grow again.

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Thanks for the info. It's a tall fescue.
I watered the area rather heavily for the last week and I'm starting to see some blades come up through the peat moss that I laid down last year when I seeded. Maybe it's going to be okay.

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