Miniature lupines

CarolnWbg(z6PA)January 31, 2007

For several years I had minarette lupinus plants that I had grown from seed. They were beautiful and we really enjoyed them. They began to disappear and now there are none. I have searched all over and can find no seeds available for these beautiful little plants. Any ideas, please? Has anyone been much smarter than I and kept seeds?

Thank you.


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

carol, i just went through my seed stash. none of them.

perhaps if you posted on the seed forum or even the plant forum, you might get some hits.


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Sorry, I don't have any seeds to share with you, but here are several seed companies that sell them. Like Maryanne says, I would check at the Seed Exchange first because the shipping for one pack of seeds might be more then you want to spend.

(Sorry you'll have to copy and paste the links)

Swallowtail Garden Seeds:

Ed Hume:

New England Seed Company:

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Thank you for your replies. A good, helpful person still beats a search engine!
Have located dwarf lupines at New England Seed Company and at a site called Super Seeds. Plan to grow them this year and will collect seeds for when they wear out in several years.
Appreciate your help!

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