watering after reseeding

msfixit(z5CT)September 1, 2007


Hmmmm, just wondering now that I have reseeded should I water twice a day to keep these seeds moist until they sprout- like you would when starting a new lawn, or would that encourage more weeds to grow? I'm learning so much on this forum that my neighbors are going to beg me to help them become organic gardners! Thanks for all your help.

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You may need to water three times a day. You're trying to keep the seeds and the surface of the soil moist so the seeds will germinate.

Unfortunately, when you create conditions that are good for grass seed to germinate, you also create conditions that are good for weed seeds to germinate, so you will see more weeds sprout.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

But fortunately your new dense lawn will choke out the weeds come next spring. The weeds that are sprouting now will be hard to see until spring. Now is a great time to look for a Weed Hound tool.

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